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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Well, it looks like it’s just you and me. Tim is off doing Titleist things in California and lunching with Scotty Cameron. OK, I made that last part up, but he’s going through a fitting and took a couple of lucky folks with him, including staffer Bill Mitchell for fittings, tours and maybe a little golf as well.

Have fun gentlemen, and we’ll hold down the fort

Luckily our email works and we still like getting reports of your successes with whatever it might be with equipment or lessons.

My address is for anything general or Wilson Staff specific, or if you want to reach out to Felix for anything, or for Yonex specific questions,

Speaking of Yonex, here is another quick note we got in our box:

Yonex XPG HD Driver
  I just got the Yonex XPG HD driver that I called in and special ordered from Tim a few weeks ago. I swing hard, but I couldn’t hit a ball straight to save my life, but with this, short of lessons, it definitely helped remove the right side of the fairway. While it’s not the Holy Grail, I’m hitting it longer and definitely more left than anything else I tried. He took his time with me over the phone and asked me almost a dozen questions I’ve never been asked before from even a fitting in person.

He put me in a Yonex KAIZA-D shaft that helps me somehow promote a draw (I don’t care to know either). All I know is that I’m finding more fairways and am having a lot more fun. I just wish that the weather wasn’t quite as wet here so I could play with this more in the Northwest. I’m so glad I found you guys on the internet and made a call. I didn’t think it was possible to get fit on the phone, but it’s perfect. Thanks, and please thank Felix for his knowledge in getting me to call.
First, I’m happy you found our newsletter archive and hope you registered to get these weekly. Second, I try not to give Felix too many compliments because they’ll go straight to his head. But he is right. Yonex works, and well. The XPG line of metal woods, including hybrids allows a golfer to change the loft, lie and face angle to your desired settings. And to be honest, most of the people that are calling or coming in to try Yonex are looking for something different that performs like they’ve never seen.

This is a good way to get into the Japanese iron market without going totally broke. And of course, you’ll get a custom fit with over 100 different shafts on the wall. Besides, you’ll be happy with them, and ultimately that’s what we want. And Russ, when you’re ready to fill the rest of your bag, we’ll be ready for you to finish it off with the rest of the XPG line of fairway metals, hybrids and irons.
Yonex XPG iron

One of the companies we deal a lot with is UST Mamiya. Totally setting aside the fact that they’re literally 20 minutes away from the store in Fort Worth, Texas, they make some of the best shafts in the industry. They’re among my favorites and favorites of many of our customers. They are constantly trying to innovate to find the best materials and shafts to serve the entire golf community, from professionals all the way down to a 30+ handicap golfer. This also includes price points.

One thing that helps separate the brand is the ability to get Tour specified shafts that are literally the exact shafts you would get on a professional tour van. This program is called, ironically, TourSpx.
  This program was created almost a decade ago to give golfers the option to get a shaft that is more forgiving, and to give performances a cut above the rest.

As humble as Tim is, he always forgets to mention he helped create the program for UST and was the very first TourSpx dealer, and one of the busiest in the world.

While we usually fit for the exact shaft regardless of manufacturer, UST is one to keep your eye on if you decide on a single focus. We can literally guarantee there will be something in their arsenal that will help you perform and play your best. I love them and so will you!

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for more information on anything we sell, or call 817.595.4653 to let us help you with anything you need golf wise.

There’s a point in your bag where your consistency of ball striking and accuracy start to break down or disappear entirely. As the club gets longer it exposes a multitude of sins. One is your swing path. But the other, an unforgivable sin, is poor fitting.

Your #9 iron to 20 feet might feel like a good result to you. But what if we told you that an adjustment in launch angle and / or shaft flex would have made exactly the same swing as a 12-foot putt? How many 12-footers do you sink vs 20-footers?
Contact us for an equipment assessment.


We probably accept that Tour caddies are better at reading Putts than most of us.
There’s an opinion that they’re masters of some “dark art” of green reading.

 Actually, it’s science. Gravity.

Yes, the caddies have little tricks like knowing the green slopes towards water.

But what they’re looking for is where the water would run if it was on the green, because they know the water will follow gravity and always run downhill.

The ball will do the same. That’s what you’re looking for. You’re trying to read a green (around the hole) first.
And while the scientists know we also have to consider friction (how slick the green is) and resistance (wind direction),
I suspect you’d make more Putts if you could improve your reading of where the ball will follow gravity.

What’s your success rate from 20 feet out on the course? When you miss, what percentage is down to: a poorly-fitting Putter; poor technique; a bad read? You can be a great Putter.
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