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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Dear Member,

Please find below a brief update regarding our current course condition, and the status of the various projects undertaken over the past few weeks as well as our current water situation.

Golf Course
Despite the restraints placed on the maintenance team by the current water or lack of, can be found in a more than respectable condition. Other than day to day maintenance of focus areas, ‘winter maintenance’ of drainage lines, trees, landscaping beds etc. is currently underway.

Golf Course Projects
On the whole, the various projects undertaken in late April were a success and completed to the required standards within a reasonable time frame. The immediate effect on the overall course appearance is very positive and we are grateful for the feedback.

The dramatic changes to Hole 14 have been particularly well received and I think I speak for all when I say that we are extremely excited to see the finished article.

As far as the current water situation is concerned, there can be no underestimation as to how drastic things are. We closed our feed from Theewaterskloof over a month ago and have been using water from the 6th dam to address our Greens and newly sodded areas at hole 14.

With what looks to be some encouraging weather forecast in the coming week, we hope that the stress placed on our limited water on the estate can be reduced.

Kind regards,


  Congratulations to Keegan Thomas on winning the De Zalze Open which took place last Sunday.

Jeremy Swarts
Jeremy Swarts is a well-known face in the Golf Cart and Caddy department. He has been with De Zalze from the very start - for 16 years! Jeremy started off in 2001 as Meet and Greet and moved on to Cart Assistant. At present, he is second in charge at the Carts and Caddy department.

He is originally from Grabouw, where he grew up on a farm, but now lives in Macassar with his wife and 3 kids. He loves taking part in sport and spending time with his family and friends.

Jeremy enjoys working with clients and golfers at De Zalze and appreciates members who care! He and Caddy Master, Randall, play a crucial role on our Golf Days, taking care of all the caddies and carts as well as putting up branding. We are indeed proud to have someone with Jeremy's qualities and experience aboard our team.

Die Wyn. Die Vrou. Die Lied - 20th June
We invite you to join us for a special Food and Wine Evening, hosted by Johan Rademan (RSG). The 3 course wine and food pairing will be presented by Beyers Truter (Beyerskloof Wine Estate) and Live Music by the well known Afrikaans singer Christo Snyman (Broers).

Diarise the 20th June at 18:30 and don’t miss out on this lovely evening – seating is still available, but is limited! Tickets are R295 per person.

To book your spot please click here.

    Fathers Day Spit Braai - 18th June
Come spoil Dad this Fathers Day (18th June 2017) and enjoy a scumptious spit braai with live music.

On the menu we will have lamb on the spit; chicken pie; crispy potatoes; vegetable gratin; butternut, feta and honey couscous salad and for desert there will be chocalate pudding & ice cream and malva pudding.

The cost is R190 per person and to make a booking please call 021 880 7600. Bookings are essential.

We wish all our members who are celebrating their birthdays in June, a magical and special day with family, friends and a round of golf. To see who is celebrating their birthdays this year click here.

Ladies Clinics
Coach Helena will be running her weekly Ladies group clinics this week, she will be doing chipping on Wednesday and putting on Friday, with both sessions starting at 09:00. To book your spot, contact Helena at

Swingfit Junior Academy
Do you have a child or grandchild that is keen to learn how to play golf or would like to improve their golf? We have a junior program that runs Mondays to Thursdays. These sessions give them the opportunity to learn within a group and each day we cover a different subject. 

For more information on times and costs, please click here.

Please contact Helena Buitendag for more information at 076 794 4419 or .

Taking control of the clubface
We often see golfers spending time on the range working on their games without a clear purpose in mind. They are very conscious of the movements they are trying to make but sometimes forget that the end goal is to move the ball to their target.

I am not opposed to swing-technique, I help students improve theirs on daily basis, but it is important to set aside time in every session to be target focused. Getting the ball to finish on target involves controlling the path of the club and the club face, a great way to practice club face control is using two alignment sticks (pictured) to practice starting the ball online. This takes a high degree of club face control as 85% of where the ball starts is dictated by where the club face is aiming at impact.

Make sure to align it a little left for a fade or a little right if you like to draw the ball.

For any assistance that you need on your ball striking, be sure to contact Murray at

Garlic and Lemon Chicken - R110
A crumbed chicken breast filled with lemon and garlic flavoured cream cheese and mozzarella. Served Sliced on Pico de Gallo salsa (Pico de Gallo is a raw salad prepared with tomatoes, white onions, coriander, jalapeno’s and lime)

BBLT Burger - R95
200grm Homemade Beef Burger or Chicken Breast Burger with shredded bacon, basil, iceberg lettuce and tomato dressed with creamy mayonnaise.

Mini Continental - R55
Pain au Chocolate served with home-made berry and fruit jam.

Specials available until the 4th June.

Please download the entry form here. The closing date is 24 July.

  What's coming up at the club? 

01 June: Western Cape Medics
03 June: Members Competition - Afrigas Montly Medal
05 June: De Zalze Pro-Am
07 June: Tarentale - Progessive Alliance 2,3,4
09 June: CAMASA Workshop
10 June: Members Competition - Eikestad Masters 

Check out our calendar for the rest of 2017 on our website here.

Don't forget to update your own calendar!

Aiming to do better
The next time you’re at the Range practicing your Iron striking we’d like you to work on your pre-shot routine and aim.

Before each shot, look down the line to your distant target from behind the ball.
Pick a spot about 6 feet in front of you that is in line with your target.
Now, when you setup, first align your clubface to the ball,
then take your stance, aligning square to your shorter target line.

Whatever aspect of your swing you’re trying to improve, it helps to play every shot with the same discipline you (should) have on the golf course. Take each shot very seriously. This practice drill will improve your aim.
You want your great shots to go at the target. So that’s a good idea.


Are you Pulling your Pitch shots?


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