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Monday, 15 July 2019

2017 Young Manager of the Year Award goes to our very own Alfie Schneeberger! Congratulations!
It was a tough decision for the judges to make as the finalists in this category were both very strong and impressed the judges in what they are each doing in their respective roles at their clubs. Well done on being chosen!

In addition to being bestowed this honour, the prize for this category is training to the value of R8 500 for Alfie to use as he wishes to develop himself further in the club industry.

This award recognises clubs who are in good standing with CMASA, have shown support of and participate in CMASA education and trainining.

In addition, they must be committed to continuous professional development for their staff and for upliftment in the industry.
2017 Young Manager of the Year Award goes
to our very own Alfie Schneeberger!

The prize for this category is training to the value of  R10 000, to use towards education offered through CMASA for DGC.

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Durbanville Golf Club Awarded The 2017 Continuous Professional Development Award  to the
entire DGC Team

17th CCM in South Africa - DGC's GM John Bold presented
with his international certification at the Annual CMASA Awards.

Friday, 8 September 2017
Join us from 6pm onwards - All our members welcome!
1st Draw: R? (If not won tonight) & 2nd Draw R? (If not won tonight)
You have to be there to win it! R500 Lucky Draw for all.
Live music - TBA
Click on posters below to enlarge...
Saturday, 2nd September - Jubilee Classic, 4 Ball Alliance – Irish Rumble

Irish Rumble is a four-person Best Ball format played with Stableford points. On the first 6 holes, the best single score for these holes is recorded, on the next six holes the best two scores are recorded and on the next five holes the best three scores are recorded and on the last hole all four scores are recorded for the team.

Don't forget to enter your teams for the upcoming  Inter-club Rules Quiz Evening. E-mail to sign up.

Wednesday, 6th September 2017 - Captain’s Delight


Sunday, 15th October 2017 - Lion's Club Golf Day
Tournament starting at 11:30am.
Competition: 4BBB Stableford


Affiliated players play off official handicaps.
Non-affiliated players play off: Men - max 18 / Ladies - max 24

To enter:

Phone Keith Shaw on  082 469 6265 or Pierre Crayé on 082 451 0937 for entry forms.

The first round of the Mixed Knockout will be played on Sunday 10th September.

Format: Betterball Stableford
Closing date: 3 September 2017
Competition fee: R50 per player once off.

The sheet for entry is on the noticeboard outside ladies locker room. If you have any questions, please contact me or
John Ekermans.

Senior's Medal winner for August on 36 Stableford points - Congratulations!


2017 Masters League - Log
Province Section -Results 1
Western Section - Results 1

Mid-Am League Log 2017 - Log

Province Section - Results 1
Western Section - Results 1


Please take a look at Chris Kitson’s latest August’17 Course Report, interesting reading as always.

Read it here.

100 Reserve
100 Reserve Brandy have branded a Titleist Golf Bag, together with an umbrella and club towel to be given away as a prize to one lucky customer!

All you have to do to enter is to buy a double 100 Reserve and 200ml mix for R35, or TWO double 100 Reserves and 330ml mix for R55, fill your name in on the card and drop in the box in the main bar!

The prize will be drawn on the 30th of September 2017 at Members prizegiving.

Good luck to all!

Alfie Schneeberger

Food and Beverage Manager

Par 3... 4th Hole at DGC

Every hole-in-one, on a competition day, the player/s get a free bottle of Bell’s Special Reserve.

Who's been taking down the competition at the club?

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to view the results.

  Obstruction in a water hazard
This question, with its accompanying photo, is typical of several that I receive on the subject of course signage and the Rules. In this circumstance, there is an additional dimension in that the sign is located within the margin of a hazard.

Question: A ball came to rest inside a lateral water hazard close to a warning sign located inside the hazard. So, for a right hander player the ball is playable, but...
a) May they take relief from the sign, without penalty?
b) May they rotate the sign to face in a different direction?
c) May the sign be completely removed before the stroke is made, as it mentally interferes with the player’s swing?

Read more here.

Happy golfing!
Barry Rhodes

How to love the Rules of Golf

Who can fail to take notice of a book titled, ‘How to Love the Rules of Golf?’ Long time US Rules official, Howard J. Meditz, has incorporated his many year of expertise into a book that he thinks will help golfers get more satisfaction from every round, score better under pressure and limit their frustration on the course. An interesting aspect of his book is that not only does it reflect the latest 2016 Rules and the 2017 updates, it also covers the 2019 modernisation proposals. The six chapter titles give a good indication of what you can expect from this publication:

As a player you have to make sure what the Local Rules are for the course you are about to play
Whether you are a visitor at another course or whether you are playing your home course. We try not to duplicate The Rules of Golf under Local Rules. Therefor if you do not find something under Local Rules it means that there is no Local abnormal condition on that subject and The Rules of Golf apply unchanged for that situation.

Read more here.

Helénè Marais
083 785 8254

We are still discussing our own Durbanville Local Rules
Importantly – a Local Rule can never override a Rule of golf. Therefor if a club have unique situations that are not covered by the many Specimen Local Rules for abnormalities in Appendix 1 of the Rule Book, they may refer to the R&A for solving the problem. The R&A will advise as how to treat the special abnormality.

As being said before, always read the Local Rules before playing as a visitor at another club...and also at your own club!

What to do if the list is long? In this modern age, you just take a picture with your cell phone of the notice board and you have your copy.

We are looking at our 3rd Local Rule:

3. Embedded Ball (Rule 25-2)
Anywhere Through the Green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch mark, may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course Through the Green. Exception: No relief if the ball is embedded in sand in an area that is not closely-mown.

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Registered Rounds Percentages
This month we introduce the Registered Rounds Percentage score and explain how this minor addition to the handicap system will help verify the integrity of your handicap.

Read more here.

May we wish a very happy birthday to all those members who celebrate their birthday this week. They are:

Dudley Boyd, Jasper Coetzee, Wian van Niekerk, Johannes Horn, Carel Bezuidenhoud, Graham Grobler, Chris Kim, Helene Marais, Greg Thorn, James Wright, John Dunlop, Erica Lefson, Leonard Naude, Deon Venter, Yolande de Jongh, Elizabeth Hagen, Hanre Lourens, Johan van der Vyver, Jaydon Blom, Madri Carstens, Colin Cowper, Manie Muller, Jerry Hamman, Adrian Mego, Heinrich Reynecke, Douglas Thomson.

Have a wonderful day!

Golf balls are like eggs. They're white, they are sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy more.

Please Remember To Fill YOUR Divots & Repair YOUR Pitch Marks!
Is gripping the real problem?

Tension is a killer in the golf swing. It easily robs you of distance. More importantly, once it inhibits your large muscles,
then accuracy and consistency disappear.

There are many, many more. We’re not here to ‘fit you into new Irons’. Our job is to find the quickest and easiest route to better golf shots for you. It might be a setup change. It might be your shoulder turn. It might be something as simple as your golf grips. That’s why the best place to start on your journey to better golf is with an ‘Assessment’.

Break 85. Don't ignore the fundamentals.
How does a 140lb lady golfer hit the ball so far, so accurately, and so consistently?
She swings on plane, releasing the club head through impact. That requires good fundamentals.

  Consider whether you’ll benefit from some time finding your consistent golf shot.
A good swing will mean you’re in a playable position off the tee, and then your approach shots from 150 metres in will be on or around the green. That’s consistent golf.



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