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Thursday, 22 August 2019

The soft landing we all want
The revolution in Iron design is much more than a ‘faster face’. Beyond distance, you’ll notice how much more frequently you feel like you’ve flushed the ball at contact. And you’ll be astounded by the ball flight and landing.
How on earth do you get a win-win-win!


There is always time for golf. We promise.

Some people struggle to carve out the time for golf. Some stop playing the game altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way.
If they’re finding time for the gym, running or cycling before or after work, then they can find time for golf.
All they need is 90 minutes. The time it takes at the gym (if one includes the shower).


Tell them to play 9 holes, twice a week, instead of a gym, running, or cycling session.
Tell them they’ll have had all the fitness and outdoor benefits, along with a social experience.

If 9 is still too many, then they can play just 6 holes. Being outdoors is hugely important for their health.
Being part of a social group is critical for their well being.


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