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December 2018 Events Newsletter
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

“Everesting” is an activity in which cyclists ascend and descend a given hill multiple times, in order to have cumulatively climbed 8848 metres (the elevation of Mt. Everest).

Not only is Yvette Negrine a good golfer, she is also a world class cyclist. She completed this event last weekend in Durbanville (Amadeus Drive, road up to reservoir, Avalon Hill)

She did 167 laps which equated to 341km and an accumulative climb of 8848 metres.

She came first and earned herself “Hells 500 grey stripe”.

Congratulations Yvette!

Yvette made her club very proud!
Lady Captain’s Trophy won by Phindi Gila. Congratulations!

I would just like to thank my Boot team for a winning.

Result albeit a bit close had me sweating for a while until I got the scores from the last 4-ball of the 10th and we won by 13. We scored 620 to Wellington's 613 and yet at Wellington in 2016 we scored 689 points. What does that tell you? Well, maybe the Durbanville course is getting tougher.

A great day was had by all and I would like to thank Wellington for the spirt they showed both on the course and afterwards in the pub. (Those boys can ‘dop’.)

I'd also like to thank Wellington for the excellent prizes they provided and also to DGC John Bold and his team and to John Ekermans, Chair Man of Match & Handicap for all their assistance in making the 47th Boot a huge success.

Yours in Golf, Team Manager and Team Captain of the Boot
John Hamilton
Congratulations to the winners of the 47th Boot

  Fixtures: A full line-up of forthcoming club competitions & events:

Friday, 7th July Super Draw!
Live music for the Adults and Kids movie while parents enjoy and relax at the Super Draw…

Saturday, 8th July
Individual Medal Stableford

Wednesday, 12th July
Individual Bogey Plus

Saturday, 15th July
4BBB Stableford

Winter Knockouts
The Winter Knockout has been finalised. The 1st round is scheduled to start on 15th July. The draw is on the league notice board.

DGC Matchplay Knockout
The DGC Matchplay Knockout is scheduled to start 5 August. The entry list is on the notice board.

Click on the poster below to find out more about the event:

Keep reading!

Please take a look at Chris Kitson’s latest June’17 Course Report. Interesting reading as always. View it here.

Please remember to fill your divots and repair your pitch marks!

May we wish a very happy birthday to all those members who celebrate their birthday this week. They are:

Mona Dorothy Coetzee
John Hoskins
Mina Park
Me San Soon
Karen Boonzaaier
Marieke Coetzer
Denise Joubert
Gideion Stander
Louis Terblanche
Carmen-Anne Barker
Reg Ferreira
Charles Kingsley
Rowen Losper
Henry Briedehann Carl Greaves
Brian Reeves

Paul Kotze
Johannes Moller Nel
Hendrik Smith, Natalie Fry
Johan Mostert
Theresa Sneys
Werner Swart
Tina van Niekerk

Have a wonderful day!

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