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Saturday, June 06, 2020

It's time to stock up on some golf balls!
We will be having a Srixon ball fitting day on the 10th of March 2018, we are really looking forward to it.
There will be a Par 3 Challenge on the course, R100 per person.

Reserve your spot here.

Learn more about the latest Srixon golf balls here.

Can we suggest that now is a great time to pause and review the condition of your grips?

If they're worn, we suggest you plan to talk to us to check that the grip size of any new grips you're going to purchase are right for your game, rather than assuming the current size is perfect.

An extensive survey highlighted that only 24% of golfers in their survey hit their best shots with the grip size they had fitted on their clubs. Wow. So, 76% of golfers could hit better shots.

If you're planning to start with new equipment, along with the traditional fitting steps, include a grip fitting that goes beyond just the size of your hands. And if you're not buying new equipment, maybe there's a whole new game out there for you with grips that fit you and your swing.

Not sure about the state of your grips or whether you could be part of the 76%? Contact us.

20% off all adidas shoes this week!


Logoed caps for only R250!
Reserve an item here.

Most golfers are looking for equipment that will make the game a little easier,
allowing them to experience the real joy of a good golf shot more often.


Where would your game most benefit from an improvement?
Do you need to get the ball in play more often, with the added
bonus of being further down the fairway? Or would you enjoy hitting
a longer Iron knowing it’s likely to land on target, converting more
tee shots into good scores? Why not start with an assessment with us?


Have we inspired those of you shooting above 90, to target 89 or less on every occasion this year?
How much better is 16 bogeys and 2 pars (on any Par 72), than what you have to
live with if you’re shooting 95 or higher? So our final tip:

How many 3-putts do you have to suffer each round? Most inexperienced golfers’ cards will reveal 3 or more 3-putts each round. Remove those and you’re 3 shots (or more) closer to 89. So here are two suggestions:

Most 3-putts have, at their root, a poor first putt. Sometimes it’s a poor read.
Sometimes, poor contact. But mostly, less experienced golfers suffer with poor control of speed and distance.
So let’s fix it.

Understanding what will happen in the last feet of the putt will not only lead to more great putts that drop,
it should also leave you with a little thought: an easier 2nd putt.

Every golfer can become a wizard of the greens. There are skills that everyone can learn.
You’ll be amazed at the impact it will have on your scorecard.


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