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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Come and take part in our Par 3 Challenge on the 7th of April. With an entry fee of only R100, you could win you a shirt from the value of
R599. Book now.


Find the right ball for your game on 7 April 2018 at our Titleist Ball fitting. Book your spot here.

The pro shop will have a Putting for Discount Competition on the 14th of April.

Book a spot here.

Don't get caught in the rain on the course. Take advantage of the rain gear that we have on promotion:

Logo umbrellas for R450-00.

Srixon rain glove for only

Reserve an item here.

Golf combo kit: Sleeve of warbird balls, Arabella divot tool and tees for R200-00.

Arabella logo bag tag and Panoramic towel for R299-00.

Scala cap and Cappelli handbag combo for R399-00.

Save 30% on selected ladies winter wear.

Logo caps - buy any 2 for the price of one at R349-00.

Buy a dozen of Pro V1/1x from the 1st to the 30th of April and save 15%.

Reserve an item here.

We will have a Rudy Project fitting day on the 8th of April at the club, join us to get the sunglasses that best suit you.

The 40-yard shot or closer is tough for many players. There are even players that will lay-up to a distance where they will have a full shot.

Make a short enough backswing to have room for a follow through.

Take rehearsal swings so you have a good feel of the power you need, and you'll likely succeed.

Do you want to improve your pitch shots? Contact us to book a lesson.

Is your golf bag organized? Having your golf bag organized will help you greatly as you improve your skills.

Knowing where each club is within the bag, will help you to not lose focus on the shot you have planned, while you search for the proper club.

Let us know if we can help.

Have you ever dusted your Driver face with a powder to record your strike pattern?
You should try it. It can be quite revealing and will probably underline why the advances
in 2017 and 2018 Driver faces have been so important.


Obviously for the 15 handicap and above, given their strike pattern, the improvements in shot consistency
from the new faces, will be quite dramatic. But, lower handicap golfers have less room for error,
so even small improvements make a dramatic impact.

The Cleveland HB Launcher Driver has a number of design features that promote a consistently higher launch,
but it also has some real innovation in the face and head design to accommodate your strike pattern.

We’d like to work with any golfer interested in playing more often.
We’re keen to make sure everyone of our golfers is on the fairway off the tee more often.

If you know a child between the ages of 6 and 13, do you want their sporting participation to be about
becoming an elite athlete, or do you really want them to have fun socializing while learning some
movement and balance skills? Let them try golf!


There’s a lot of evidence supporting the argument that we should make sure that enjoyment and a
multi-sport approach are fundamental to their early development.

As coaches we want children to be safe, to feel settled, comfortable and integrated with other children,
and of course to progress. But as well as progress, we need to provide them with the levels of enjoyment
and fulfilment that will keep them active, happy, and connected to a pastime that
will be very valuable to their life. 

Come and talk to us about the best way to introduce golf to your child
or how to develop their ability.


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