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Saturday, June 06, 2020

A winning combination like you've never seen before!

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Improve your contact out of the fairway bunker

Consistency in your ball striking from a fairway bunker starts with proper club selection and set-up. It is important to set up with stability, because sand is an unstable environment. Select the club that has the proper loft for the ball to clear the face of the bunker. Your key set-up essentials include the following:

1) Ball position is one ball ahead of centre.
2) Take your stance with the insides of your feet lower than the outsides and your heels slightly lower than your toes.
3) Hover the club slightly above the golf ball with your weight being slightly on your heels and your posture feeling tall. From this efficient starting position, you are now ready to make your golf swing and enjoy the positive result.

Would you like to improve your bunker play? Contact us to book a lesson.

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The Fairway Wood is probably
as difficult a club to hit as
any in the bag.

It’s hugely useful if you
can hit it consistently,
but almost a waste of space in
the bag if you can’t.

So improvements in face technology to
increase forgiveness across
the face are welcome.

The fitting and setup of this
club is critically important.
Everything you can do to
make sure the ball launches
easily and accurately,
should be done. That includes
investing time to find the shaft that translates difficult into easy.

An assessment and fitting is of paramount importance.


Make sure the Fairway Woods and Hybrids in your bag are as easy to use as possible, and integrated
so that you have no big distance gaps or overlap from the clubs at the top of your bag.


Whether we’re coaching them, or you’re out with your child on the course or Range, never forget the need for FUNdamentals.

Yes, we want to teach the FUNdamentals of balance,
movement and coordination.

Yes, we want to make sure they
grasp the FUNdamentals of
hitting a golf ball.

Sure, we want them to
have the FUNdamentals of
how to play the game.

But, we want it to be
always FUN. 

But actually, it shouldn’t be different for anyone coming to learn the game. There are four steps,
and each child, or golfer, can decide where is far enough for them.


Whether it’s introducing golf to your child, helping them master the fundamentals,
or taking them to new levels of expertize, we want to help. Come and talk to us about the best
way to introduce golf to your child or how to develop their ability.


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