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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

There's been enough talk about resolutions already, I'm sure. We want to inspire commitments. Commitments to your golf game. Think of us as your support team.

So, if you're a golfer who loses the big shots right (if you're a right-hander) to a slice or an uncontrolled fade, then we want to inspire you to commit to at least reduce the impact of that shot, if not eradicate it entirely.

There is no need for that shot to ruin your scorecard, trash your enjoyment, and, if you're a gambling man or woman, to lighten your wallet.

Commit to remove your slice.

Our mission is to help you get more out of your golf.
The manufacturers also want to find ways to make the game more fulfilling for more golfers.

Together we can then assess the improvement. How substantial is it? If you’re not the world’s best golfer, and you’ve never been fitted, be prepared to be surprized at how much easier the game could be.


 Let’s not lose the potential improvement of technical innovation by going without a Fitting. From the 1,200+ combinations of shaft length, lie angle, shaft type and shaft flex for any model of Iron, we want to find the option(s) that makes golf much easier. No matter what skill level you are, make the game easier by playing with your perfect match. When you get back to the club, come and book a Fitting.

One of the advantages of youth is the ability to ‘separate’ the upper body and the hips.
That allows a fuller turn of the shoulders with a more limited rotation of the hips on the backswing,
and the hips to lead the shoulders on the downswing.
It’s great for longer golf shots. There are exercises to improve your rotational flexibility and your ability to create separation.

This exercise has the advantage of keeping the feet, knees and hips very stable,
while encouraging rotation around the spine.


If you have any aches and pains, or are unsure about exercising, then be prepared to consult a
fitness professional. Change your life. Change your golf. Get fit for golf. Get fitter for life.


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