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Sunday, November 29, 2020

It is almost time to join us for a great day of golf with top flight International Professionals.

The 9th Annual Grey Goose World Par 3 Champiosnhip will be played from 1 - 4 March 2018.

The 36-hole championshop will be contested on March 2 and 3, and the Sponsors Pro-Am will be held on March 4, 2018.

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The Grey Goose® World Par 3 Championship is set to return to Turtle Hill Golf Club at Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda,
from March 1 – 4, 2018

Turtle Hill Golf Club

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Fairmont Southampton Hotel ~ to Book Tournament Package

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It is almost time to join us for the 9th Annual Grey Goose World Par 3 Champiosnhip.

We will be serving our signature cocktail for the Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship,
and they will be available at the Boundary Bar.

The Rogue Irons from Callaway are actually the evolution of technology that has been
committed to making good, consistent, ball striking easier to achieve.

Precision, innovation, design leadership, all working together
in the Rogue, Rogue Pro,
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Callaway, the number 1 Iron brand in golf, have a full range of models to complement the Rogue family.
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The experts continually tell us that without a good setup, it’s almost impossible to hit a good golf shot.
They also note how little attention regular golfers pay to their setup. So let’s change that.
You’ve all got your smartphone. Let’s get those pictures taken!


Have a friend take a photo of you at address on the range. Check your alignment.
Check your posture and your tilt. How do your arms hang? Are you reaching or too cramped?


From face-on, check your width of stance; your ball-and-hand position; and your weight distribution.
Is your right shoulder (right-handers) lower than your left or are they level? What should they be?

If you want to hit more consistent golf shots, with cleaner, crisper contact, with the swing path and
face angle ensuring contact square to the target line, then invest some time into your setup.

If you send us the two pictures from the angles shown above, then we’ll gladly respond with some quick thoughts.
If you want us to take the photos and walk you through where you immediately can improve your setup, and therefore the quality of your golf shots, then 

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