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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Ladies, not long now - have you signed up?

We are celebrating Women's Golf Day - June 5th, 2018
One day of women playing golf - all around the world!

If you’re have ever considered playing golf, today is the perfect day to start.
If you’re already a golfer, it's a great day to find new partners.
No matter your playing ability, you're welcome to attend.

Get here anytime between 3pm and 6pm

Participants have the option of:
Taking lessons: 1/2 hour on the driving range and 1/2 hour chipping and putting


Playing: a 9-hole scramble or play their own ball as long as the round can be completed in by 6pm

Then the fun really begins...
Two Hours of Socializing 6-8pm

During the two hours of socializing you will have a chance to pick up information on how to become
more involved with golf here at Turtle Hill, chat with Ladies who also played in the Women's Day,
AND better yet pick up some new playing partners for next time....

To register for Women's Golf Day click here.

Contact us with any questions you may have!

Happy Bermuda Day tomorrow and may you get time to celebrate with family and friends!


If you’re shooting under 80, most times out (we all have bad days), then of course a
benefit of added distance with no extra effort required, matters.

But your biggest win is if we can take a 6 Iron approach and help you put it 10 feet closer more often.

Almost every golfer we custom fit for a set of Irons notes at least one dimension of measurable improvement.
Those with higher handicaps and the less skilled often see two, or even three,
dimensions of measurable improvement, IMMEDIATELY.
What could your improvement be?


Last week we provided you with an example of a skills challenge (which also offered you the opportunity to learn about what the ball would do). When you’re practicing like this, don’t forget technique.
If you missed the challenge last week,

You may be after a personal best when you’re taking on this challenge,
but before each shot, check your technique fundamentals.
There is process and result.

Remind yourself of the different practice types.


Practice isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But we can make it fun. We can make sure you get more out of any practice. We want you to see the results. We hope we’ve helped over the last weeks.
Now let’s help you from here on. Book an assessment. We’ll find the quickest route to improvement,
and we’ll have fun practice drills to accelerate your progress. 

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