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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Hello Everyone

Let’s start this week with congratulations to 2 of our members who have made the Western Province Provincial teams. Dudley Rosier has been chosen to represent the WP Senior Kestrels team against Boland later this year. Weyers Janse van Rensburg has been chosen as Captain of the Western Province 2018 Challenge Inter-Provincial Team to compete at Irene Country Club in May. Well done, Gentlemen. We are justifiably proud of you both!

Secondly, a big word of thanks for the incredible support at our Masters Par 3 Competition. It was a rousing success and reminded us all of how incredible it is to be a part of this amazing club! Don’t forget, all money raised at festival events like this goes to the upgrade of our locker rooms, so the more we raise, the better the upgrade! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our Saturday players will know we had quite a bottleneck as the day progressed this past weekend. This was largely due to halfway house times being too long and causing a ripple effect into the afternoon. We appeal to all members to ensure you only take the prescribed 10 minutes in the halfway house please. If the field is especially busy, please order something quick and get back to the tee box in time to tee off, as the 4-ball in front plays their second shots. If each 4-ball takes 2 minutes longer in halfway than the gaps you have between tee times, you can imagine how far behind the guys going off last will be.

PLEASE consider this and speed up play and halfway so that everyone can enjoy their games. Thank you for your assistance with this. Grab-and-go will be back for winter soon. Exact dates next week.

While on the subject of sticking to the rules, please repair all pitch marks, rake bunkers and fill in divots, even in the second cut.

The winners of the Wags 5 Club Challenge held on Tuesday 10th April were Mike Donnelly, Duncan McSporran, Mike Erasmus, Tim Largier. Well done, Gentlemen!

Mike Donnelly, Duncan McSporran, Mike Erasmus, Tim Largier
In the Ladies Sanlam Cancer Challenge on Tuesday, competition was fierce. The winners were as follows:

A Division:

1. Tessa Granger (27)
2. Michelle Grundy (25)
3. Lotta Kuhlmann (23)

B Division:
1. Edwina Burger (31 c/in)
2. Jill Baxter (31 c/out)
3. Mary Gilbert (30)

C Division:
1. Alison Gilbert (34)
2. Jane Waters (32 c/in)
3. Beth MacKenzie (32 c/out)
The Sanlam Cancer Challenge was
a huge success

You may have heard some murmurs about some very high profile guests coming to Westlake and those rumours are true. In an absolute coup, Westlake has managed to secure the Gary Player/Ronan Keating Golf Day for cancer on Saturday 26th May. Both gentlemen are staunch cancer awareness campaigners. Ronan Keating actively campaigns for the Marie Keating Foundation, named after his mother. He has sold over 45 million records worldwide with his group Westlife and as a solo artist. Gary Player needs no introduction. His charity work for cancer is legendary and his profile is stratospheric. With all of this in mind, when Westlake was approached to host their joint golf day, the request had to be taken seriously. The cons of disrupting our loyal members on a Saturday vs the Pros of the incredible exposure this will bring, needed to be weighed up.

Broadcast and social media exposure is massive and includes the following:

• 8– 12 minute feature show - minimum of 30 000 viewers guaranteed.

• KFM Partnership - Live interview with Ronan Keating discussing his involvement in the event - he will be thanking all the partners and explaining where the golf is being hosted.

• Gary Player social media engagement
- Total audience – 440 000 predominantly all interested in golf.

• Ronan Keating social media engagement
- Total audience – 770 000 international followers. Unlimited posts.

• Media – Expresso, SuperSport / Blitz, SABC, ENCA, SABC Radio, BBC Africa, CNN Living Golf, Aljazeera, Golfing World, Top Billing.

As can be seen, the Committee faced quite a dilemma, especially so soon after disrupting members with the Ladies SA Open and the fact that the club is not open to anyone but participants on the day in question. This event does add to the momentum of elevating Westlake to one of THE golfing destinations in the Western Cape. We are all justifiably proud of our club and hosting events of this nature boosts our profile considerably. However, we are all acutely aware of our members and their right to enjoy their club. With this in mind, we are working actively with all the clubs in the region to find all regular Saturday-playing Westlake members a game on the day in question. The rates will be the best we can organise and the club will subsidise this for regular Saturday members who wish to play. Please note that this does not mean the club will cover travelling costs, carts or green fees over and above the usual member rates. The idea is that we will secure block bookings at certain clubs and pay the club in question the negotiated rate on behalf of our members. No refunds or cash to members will be made directly. In addition there are a few exclusive tickets to attend the post-golf function with Ronan Keating and Gary Player. To be fair, these will be allocated in a lucky draw – details in next week’s newsletter. To summarise, 1 day’s disruption in exchange for vast exposure and goodwill that money simply cannot buy. There is a good chance Westlake could host this for 3 years, but not on a Saturday again.

The water purification system for the clubhouse
has been a very complicated project to get right, especially when one considers the plumbing challenges of pipes installed over 86 years in various building upgrades. Also compliance when one is supplying water to the public means stringent controls. In short, we have to get it right first time and it has been a time consuming process.

We have our final specs, all the parts are now available and the supplier has been chosen and given the go-ahead. We should have an installation date by tomorrow and will continue to do everything we can to get this done in the shortest possible time. Thanks to everyone for your unwavering support. Doing the right thing can sometimes be painful, but knowing it is right certainly makes it worthwhile!

Our sms provider lost the sponsor for this system last month, so the club has reinstated it at our cost. There is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to sponsor this. For a small monthly fee, you could have your company added to every single sms reminder that goes out to 57 000 golfers a year at Westlake. While on the subject of advertising, a few tee boxes are still available. Chat to me if this interests you.

There are still some spots open in the Open Mixed Monthly Competition on Sunday. If anyone still wants a game, book quickly. Good luck to everyone playing in the club knockout matchplay on Saturday.

Have a fantastic week!
Dave and the Team

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