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Friday, July 10, 2020

We’d like your thoughts on why so few golfers think about improving their golf experience using coaching
. Here’s one person’s opinion:

The founders of this great game came from a generation where everything was a struggle; just for life. So why shouldn’t golf be a struggle as well? And to even out that struggle between competitors, a handicapping system was introduced."

The consequence of that is that we have so many golfers who don’t experience the real joy of a sweetly struck golf shot often enough. Those in charge think that a 24 (or even higher) handicap makes up for the poor playing experience. But it doesn’t. A search in the rough or trees; a drop beside the water; and a poor shot all remain what they are, despite the handicap.

So, why have we encouraged golfers to live with their handicap? We should be encouraging golfers to improve so that they have more and more great shots; more and more great experiences out on the course.

If you’d like to hit more great shots, to improve your experience, contact us.

We’ve ticked off Putter balance; good looks; Putter length; and now we’re going to evaluate ‘swing weight’
as we help you find the perfect partner for the putting green.
Your Putter is your precision tool. If the
swing weight is too low it makes it more
difficult to control longer Putts.

If the swing weight’s too high
you lose control. 
There’s a tend to shortening the
length of the putter and /
or using a heavier grip.
Both of those changes to
an existing putter,
will lower swing weight.
The final check:
tuning your stroke and
the putter loft to create
the perfect roll.

The first three ‘dating steps’ to find the right putting partner were focused on helping you square the face
down the target line at impact. Your perfect swing weight will help you hit much better first Putts,
and ensure your short pressure Putts are easier to handle.

Most golfers, when asked what they look forward to most say: “having some fun with my friends”.
So here’s a suggestion for you. Play a Texas Scramble –
if you do want to compete with each other then play a Scramble Drive. 
You all tee off together and then, on all but the Par3’s, choose the best drive and all play your second shot from there.
It means you’re together on the tee, all together with your second shot (again on all but the Par 3’s),
and again on the green. It is a really social format.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work for you off the tee. And while we know that improving your short-game is your quickest route to a lower score, we also know a day hunting for balls in rough and forest, because of wild tee shots, is the quickest way to a less happy experience. If you struggle off the tee, then come and see us.
Don’t live with a game that has you hunting golf balls.

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