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Play the percentages

You read about the best golfers making the case of golf being a sport that exercises the mind. Does it exercise yours? Could you make more use of your mind?

Most less skilled golfers find themselves in situations that require thought more often. But, in many cases they spurn the percentage shot. Is that because it doesn’t matter that much? Is it because the exhilaration they experience when the impossible comes off is worth the pain of every time it doesn’t? Is it because their mind thinks they have another golfer’s swing?

Try playing a round of golf where you play the percentages. Then at the end ask was it any less enjoyable or, indeed, did you enjoy it more? And how does the scorecard look?

The direction of technology

Are you making the most of what we have?
The PGA Tour has seen spectacular increases in distance off the tee. Our sense is that the percentage increases have by now way been replicated for the average golfer. The good news is that means that there is a ton of potential available to you.


Using perfectly fitted, larger-headed, longer-shafted drivers, the best players have a 15 – 20% yardage gain. Have you seen that improvement in the last few years? It won’t take us long to calculate just how big an improvement you could make.


Smallest change; biggest improvement,
Sometimes a golfer has the right tool, but is using them in the wrong way. Sometimes just a change in ball position; an improvement in setup; or the sequence of the downswing; produce that 10 – 15% improvement.
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What motivates you?

Is there a particular format you enjoy most?

We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. In the last two weeks, we’ve really appreciated the responses to the simple questions asked. If you didn’t answer and want to help out, we’ve got the first two weeks below. 

This week we examine formats. We sense that this is an area of the game where golfers of different ages, and those with different handicaps, might have different views.

Let us know
This is one question. Let us know your most and least favorite format.

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