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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Winter is upon us and that means colder days out on the course.
Not too worry, because we have you covered with brand new men's and ladies winter gear!
Playing in the cold has never been this easy.

Like what you see?

Your clubs deserve the best, and that is exactly what we have in store. What's more, with these discounted prices, you have no excuse not to get rid of that old golf bag and treat yourself (and your clubs) to a brand-new bag.

New stock!
The Callaway 14 Way Rogue stand bag, Callaway ORG 14 Way cart bags
and the Rogue Cart and Staff bag have all landed on our shelves.

  We have the new Callaway Wedges on special.
Buy 3 for R6000 or 1 for R2000 and save R700 per club!

Buy any 2 adidas shirts and save 10%
Buy any 3 regular priced merchandise and only pay for 2!
Buy 2 Dawn Patrol leather gloves for only R349
Buy any 2 All-weather gloves for only R249
Buy 2 selected Callaway caps for only R449
Huge discount on selected men’s outerwear, don’t miss out!
Scala Cap and Cappelli Bag for only R399
Save 25% on all ladies golf shoes
Save 20% on selected golf bags

Buy a dozen of Chrome Soft Balls at 15% off in our shop
and go into a draw to win a O-works Putter!

The Swing is a Throw
The easiest way to learn the golf swing is to relate it to another learned movement. The golf swing is a rotary movement; it contains a throwing element similar to baseball. For the non athletes, it would be like skipping a pebble.

The act of throwing involves a step, turn and throw sequence. To experience this, just make an underhand/sidearm motion and toss a ball along the ground. Replace the step with a hip shift and you have the golf swing throw move.

Next place a golf ball on the ground and try to hit this ball with the thrown ball. Finally add a club to the mix and do the same, but since the club has loft or an angle, the ball will rebound off and up into the air. Just don't let go of the club.

Think about the Par 3’s you play. What is the distance that you just don’t have covered in your bag?
For most golfers, there will be a point between 170 metres and 210 metres where they just don’t have
the club to hit the target distance.

Some of you may even have a club to get to the green, but find you’re just not able to stop the ball.
Your mis-hit is short; your perfect strike, through the back.

The higher lofted Fairway Wood is a great solution for a regular to slower swing speed golfer. The deeper CoG, and usually lower profile, helps to get the ball higher with a steeper landing trajectory. The ball stops quicker.
Bring your problem distance to us. Let us spend time whether improving your technique with an existing club,
or filling the gap with a better solution. Come and spend 45 minutes with us,
and let’s see how best to fill that gap.

If you’re playing golf, outside of a competition, then it’s your rules that count.
If you’ve got some less experienced golfers in your four-ball, you’ll be surprised how much more they enjoy
the round if you play a “scramble drive”. That’s where everyone tees off, but you all play your second
shot from the position of the best tee shot.
You can still have friendly competition, but it’s likely that this is a much more social format:
you come together on the tee; for the 2nd shot; and on the green. That’s more fun together.

Try it. Try and think of different ways to play the game, to allow the less skilled the opportunity to
get much more enjoyment from the experience.

And if you need help finding more fairways on your own, then

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