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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

With just a month to go till the new Handicap System implementation, I trust that you are aware of the changes that will take place.

During the next couple weeks, I will share all the information that is needed, so that come 3rd September, you will know exactly what has happened to your handicap and the way forward.

Please see the following attachments that will guide you through all the information that you need to know.

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Handicaps News

July 2018
A change to your Handicap when we introduce a Handicap Index

It’s likely that the first thing you will notice when you check your handicap after
3 September 2018 is that your handicap will have changed to a Handicap Index. For most golfers, their old 'handicap' will have come down by between one and two shots, and it will now also feature one decimal place.

The reason for this is that, in preparation for joining the World Handicap System, GolfRSA has re-rated all of the golf courses in South Africa using the new USGA Course Rating System. The USGA rating system is far more accurate and detailed than the current SAGA system, and by assessing variables other than simply the length of the hole, most courses have been rated as more difficult than previous ratings suggested.

GolfRSA has also introduced a Slope Rating for each course, which factors in how difficult a course plays for higher-handicapped golfers and scratch players.

The combination of the new USGA Course Rating and the Slope calculation will affect your differentials – in most cases reducing them – and we will retroactively apply these ratings to your last 20 scores. So when you log in to check your scores and/or your handicap, it is probable that your Handicap Index will be lower than your current handicap.

There is no need to worry, however, because everyone else’s handicap will have been similarly affected, and when you get your Course Handicap for the round it will usually be higher than your Handicap Index, according to the slope of the tee you choose.

Your chance to choose which course (tees) you'd like to play.

Your new Handicap Index will be a measure of your playing potential, but you will not play off the Handicap Index itself. Instead, each time you play a round of golf, you will need to ascertain your Course Handicap for the tee you choose.

To determine your Course Handicap, you first need to decide which tee (for example, Yellow, White, Blue or Red) to play off. Once you know which tee you want to play off, do one of the following to obtain your Course Handicap for the round:

1) At registration, tell the assistant which tee colour you want to play off – he or she will enter this into the terminal and give you your Course Handicap for that tee.
2) Enter the colour of the tee you wish to play into your HNA mobile phone App or on the HNA Terminal at the club.
3) Use the Course Handicap Conversion Table at the club to match your Handicap Index with the tee (course) you wish to play off.

Golfers playing a course with a high Course and Slope Rating will have a Course Handicap for the day that will be higher than when they elect to play an “easier” course with a lower Course and Slope Rating. Remember, however, that your Course Handicap will also be adjusted for the difference between Par for the course and the Course Rating of the tee.

This introduces one of the great strengths of the new system: on any given day, a golfer can choose which set of tees he or she would like to play off – unless stipulated otherwise in the Competition Conditions – and their Course Handicap will be adjusted up or down according to the difficulty of the course (tees) they are playing.

Another significant change is that golf clubs will do away with the traditional labelling of their tees into categories such as Ladies’ tees, Club Tees or Senior Tees. Instead, each set of tees will be colour coded and will effectively represent a different course for the golfer to play.

For more background on the changes to the handicapping system, click here.

Attention all golfers!

Please note that Simons Street Gate, will be open for golfers between the hours of 06h00 till 22h00 every day

Dear all members and guests,

Please note that we will be hosting the Sun Carnival City Challenge next week of 6th – 10th August, and the golf course will be closed during this week.

We are aware the 9th of August is a public holiday, but if you need any booking requests for any other golf course during this time, please feel free to contact me on or 0872853560.

I have the following courses that have agreed to assist:

Benoni Country Club
Roayl Jhb

  A big thanks to everyone who participated in this day and for making it such a huge success.

For the full results, please click here.

On behalf of Ebotse Links, I would like to wish the Emirate Lions and Swys De Bruin all the best this weekend in the Final against the Crusaders.

Kick-off is


We had our first Mixed Open on Sunday 29th July. With just on 40 golfers that attended, it was a good start to a new series that we will be trying to run.

Thank you to my partner, Diedre Botha (Ladies Vice Captain), for your assistance on the day.

Those that participated, we appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Big thanks must go out to Elisabeth Staples from Jewellery Connection for the sponsorship of the 1st Prize (Pearl Necklace and Gents Cufflinks). Elisabeth is an international jewellery designer and specialises in design and manufacturing of any type of precious jewellery.

3rd Place – Willem Matthysen & Trisa -
46pts c/o
2nd Place – Ken Maitland & Soraya Pandor – 46pts c/o
1st Place – H Struwig & T Struwig – 47pts

Please note that the next Mixed Open is Sunday 30th September 2018.

Tee times are still available, so book your tee time today with the pro shop on
087 285 3555/7.

Monday, 3 September is National Golf Day and all 6 of South Africa's major winners have signed up to take you on! That means if you sign up to play in the National Golf Day, you will have the opportunity to challenge your golfing heroes head to head in a Stableford scoring event, live.

Everyone has their own day. There are famous days like Braai Day on the 24th of September and Valentines Day on February 14th. But we're excited to announce that now there is a National Golf Day. This is a day dedicated entirely to golfers. A day for those who love the game, play the game, want to play the game or used to play the game.

Visit the website for more information or to sign up.

Are you interested in one of the following?

1. Corporate Golf Day
2. Charity Golf Day
3. Golf Group Booking
4. Corporate Membership
5. Family Membership
6. Membership

Contact me, Dean Kupferman, on, 087 285 3560 / 082 497 9588 and let me assist you with all the information that you need to know. Join Ebotse Links today and #ShareTheExperience.

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Jayson Thomas O'Reilly 2nd August
Darren Simpson 3rd August
Robert Neill Harvey 4th August
Graeme Busch 6th August
Tristan Neto 10th August
Brian Saunders 10th August
Niels Van Rooyen 10th August
Patricia Norton 11th August
  Casandra Hall 13th August
Willem Nicolaas Wessels 13th August
Darryl Kevin Greef 14th August
Liam Hoffmann 14th August
Margaret Everitt 19th August
Gavin Roelofsz 20th August
Philip Bouwer 21st August
Phillip Bouwer 21st August
  Colin Rodwell 21st August
Stuart Haynes 23rd August
Jacques De Klerk 25th August
Nathan Paul Smith 27th August
Pieter Bernhard Van Zyl 28th August
Edgar Rathbone 29th August
Tristan Barnard 30th August


If you haven’t tried out the Max Golf Protein Bar or Shake, make sure to pop into the halfway house and try them out.

They are unreal.

We want to help more of our golfers experience the joy of a sweetly struck, accurate iron shot more often.
That means increasing consistency, and how square to target line the club face is at impact. 
None of this is helped by manufacturer’s all having different ‘standard’ lengths on their clubs.
We reviewed four models from four major manufacturer’s and there was nearly an inch between
their standard #7 iron lengths.
Get fitted. “You’re worth it”, especially if you’re inexperienced, or inconsistent in your ball striking.
Experienced and supremely skilled athletes can make swing adjustments to poorly fitted irons. The rest of us can’t.

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Every golfer should play with golf equipment that makes it easy to repeat a golf swing;
that brings the club face back to the ball; square to the target line. Inexperienced and learning? Make it easier.
Improving and aspiring? Make it easier. Good and competitive? Make it easier.

We want everyone; irrespective of their background, their gender, or their age; to experience
golf as potentially the greatest social and healthy activity available to them.
To do that, we’ve had to catch up with the changes in the world.
 This is a great advert that highlights how
much more important healthy, social,
outdoor activity is to married couples
as they approach retirement.

This sort of social commentary (and advertisers
who understand their market) clearly
demonstrates that past-times are
shared by couples. Less and less
does a husband or wife disappear.

 If you have a spouse who doesn’t play golf; they may have had a negative experience previously;
then let us introduce them to a world of healthy, outdoor, very social enjoyment.


We need to keep our current participants playing the game, and even make it possible for them to play more often.
We also need more golfers. So, two birds and one stone. If you have a partner who doesn’t play golf,
then send them to us, and let us introduce them to the best outdoor activity forever!

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