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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

AimPoint clinics are back.

The weather will be getting cooler, so this is the perfect time to sharpen your green reading skills.

Understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt.

October 13th form 11-1 and October 27th from 1-3

Do you want to gain up to 25 yards and get a tighter dispersion with your driver?

There has been a lot of buzz around the industry about the latest drivers from Henry-Griffitts, Callaway, PING and Titleist. But how do you know which ones are going to deliver on their promise for YOUR game?


Come out and let Ben help you get more distance. Please call Ben LaVergne at 985-237-5455 or email him to set up your time.

: Friday, October 5th (LAST ONE - don't miss out!).
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Where: Rob Noel Golf Academy, Money Hill

Congratulations to Gray Boudreaux on graduating to yellow level Ignition!

"Golf is so important as a junior because it promotes ideas of consistency in your game and in your life. ... According to The National College Athletic Assn. (NCAA) estimates that every year 200 college golf scholarships for young women go unclaimed. Too few girls compete in the sport to qualify for these scholarships, which means many young women are missing an opportunity that could make all the difference to their education, their income and their future." ~ LA Times.

To read the full article concerning this issue click here.

Do your girls golf?

Not only is golf fun, but it teaches sportsmanship, integrity and honesty. As well as building lifelong friendships!

Contact Coach Nic
to see how to get your girl involved in our program.

Brandon Aydlett

Congratulations to Brandon Aydlett of Metairie for being named Player of the Year by the Louisiana Golf Association.

...We love to hear about your successes, so please don't forget to let us know.

"I went through a full driver fitting with Ben, and was able to lower my spin from 2900 to 2300 with the New Ping G400 LST 8.5 degree driver. Was fit with the Motore Speeder shaft that gave me consistent flight and control. Couldn’t be happier with how knowledgeable and dialed in Ben is when it came down to getting the most out of my driver. Was able to gain some yards off of the tee, but the most important thing is finding the short grass." ~ Mike Biguenet

“You should play a driver with more loft.” It’s a nice generalization.
But that’s what it is: a generalization.
If you want the most improvement from a new driver,
then come and get fitted. Let’s create the right launch conditions.

Here’s a golfer who bought a driver off the shelf.
And here’s his performance after he was fitted properly.


Despite playing the latest technology, it took just 20 minutes to find
an extra 23 yards, by LOWERING the launch angle. In this case,
spin was also lowered.

There’s a driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. We need to match those when
fitting you for a driver. How close is your driver to your Launch DNA now?
Do you have 20 yards or more of performance in the right DNA?
Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.
As we get to the change of season, we’re going to give you four areas of your game you should benchmark.
You can choose to compile statistics on these areas, but we think you’ll know
where you stand when thinking about your game.

To play a splash bunker shot and get out the bunker stress free you must use
Your bounce by approaching the ball with the correct technique.

Being able to 2-putt from distance consistently helps your golf.
Sometimes it means you walk off with a net birdie. Most times, it’s two putts and a solid net par.
Missing either of those opportunities creates disappointment and frustration.
We want less of that. We want you to walk to the next tee accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment.
How many times in a round are you likely to 3-putt?
Infrequently; at least once; more than once; it’s a regular threat.

Is there a common cause?
You struggle to read the green; you struggle to match stroke length to the distance required;
you strike the ball inconsistently with your putter (or a combination).
What could you do to improve your performance?


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