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Sunday, November 29, 2020

To win a US Open is an achievement. To win it back-to-back is something really special. Brooks Koepka has, until now, possibly been a little under-appreciated, but his performance in this tough event cannot be understated. Last year Koepka won over 4 days of very untraditional, gentle, US Open layout. This year, after 3 brutal challenges, he was tied in the lead. His final day came down to a combination of strength and muscle to escape the rough, and real finesse to up-and-down when required.

One of the big and controversial talking points of this year's event was Phil Mickelson’s decision to deliberately cheat in the 3rd round. Mickelson was given a two-stroke penalty for hitting a moving ball, and ended up making 10 on hole 13. 

“I’ve wanted to do that many times. I should have done it a couple of times at Augusta (National), on No. 15, years ago when the balls would go off into the hazard. That would have saved me a shot or two back then. Look, I just wanted to move on to the next hole. Give me the two. I’ll gladly take that and go to the next hole.”

Click to watch what Mickelson had to say about his 2-stroke penalty on the 13th

Should Mickelson have been disqualified or did he just take an advantage of a loophole in the rules? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment to let us know.

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