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Course update

I have to say once again how good the golf course is even though we haven’t had much rain. The greens are a little on the slow side but quite true and one can be aggressive putting, which always makes for more putts holed. Very quick greens are a nightmare for all standards of golfers, just ask Phil Michelson. It is almost impossible to get greens in a tropical climate quick all year round so come and enjoy Southbroom, San Lameer, Wild Coast, Port Shepstone and Margate where you can putt with a positive stroke. We are in for some rain over the next few days, so golf on the south coast will be fantastic for season.
 Peaceful view from the Patio on Sunday morning!

A fitting success

On Wednesday Garath Arnold from Srixon, Cleveland and XXIO was down and the members had a great time trying out all their new equipment. I am still amazed at how golf clubs keep getting better. Quite simply, they are easier to hit which makes the game more fun. Of course, there is still no substitute for good technique, so here are a few tips that you absolutely have to do and check with your PGA professional:

1. Check your grip.
2. Make sure your head is behind the ball when you hit.
3. Learn to hit the turf. You cannot play if you don’t hit down.
4. Transfer your weight with your lower half. Hips, legs and feet.
5. And very importantly have a balanced finish!

Thanks Garath. Srixon Cleveland have sent us 2 golf bags to use as prizes in the Pro's Day!

Ladies news

The Ladies enjoyed a festive 'twisted xmas' 13 fun holes golf day & lunch! The Southbroom Ladies had a great time on the golf course enjoying their Christmas Golf and Lunch day. Playing from different tees and a different format on all 13 holes made for much laughter and fresh ideas.  Teeing off from the top 8th tee to play the 9th hole was especially enjoyed!

5km Fun Run/Walk

The early Fun 5km Walk Run held last Sunday was enjoyed by over 73 folk, most of whom were not golfers. It was great to see all our vistors enjoying our facilities and commenting on what an enjoyable start to the Sunday they had! The egg and Bacon rolls were great afterwards. The Golf Club gave full breakfast vouchers for main winners and Thanks to Realty 1 for sponsoring wine added to the prizes, Applied Outsourcing for sponsoring kids lucky packets and Tammy de Oliveria of Pawsome Raw for sponsoring the doggie treat prizes!


Winner of the  "Order Most Fowl'Most Chickens in the Chicken Run this year is Malcom Greenland with 10 birds closely followed by Chris Miller with 8 wins! Enjoy your dinner on the Club Malcom! The evening was well attended and the Legends kept all dancing till late!  The new dancefloor was great! Hearty thanks to John Caple of Gayridge Poultry Farm for their amazing sponsorship of the popular Chicken Run! You can find them on 44 Windgate Ave just past Margate Country Club 039 312 1093. 
Congratulations also to the November 100 Club Winners, John, Peter and George pictured below right.

A re-vamped practise tee

The Practise tee has been fitted with mats very kindly donated to Southbroom by Errol Amm & Steenberg Golf Club. They look great and will be well used and appreciated!  Thank You Errol & Tish & Steenberg!


Upcoming events

The final Audi Margate Business Day is on Friday 14 December. Don’t forget to get your name down!


The Score Card

Chicken Run
Malcolm Greenland & Ellie Bachmam 20 pts
Danie Schutte & Uli Matzinger 19 pts
Chris Miller ,John Mullane & Brian Jolliffe 18 pts

Saturday 1st December
Men - BB Stab
1st - Mervin Edwards & Anthony Hughes 46 pts
T2 - Anton Khorman & Brian Jolliffe 43 pts
T2 - Mike Lig & Johan vd Riet 43 pts
T4 - Kevin Ponton & Craig Treherne 42 pts
T4 - Piet Joubert & Malcolm Moorley 42 pts

Ladies - BB Stab
1st 9 Winners - Ursula Spoerri & Gjertrud Kok 23 pts
2nd 9 Winners - Jo Ledden & Jeanette Peyios 20 pts

Wednesday 5th December
Men - Alliance
1st - 93pts Roger Hissey, Gary Godley, Cameron Malcolm & Jordan Nel
t2nd 90 pts John Neaves, Mervyn Edwards, Gavin Edwards & Vernon Duggan
90pts Heinz Seiser, Hendrik Westermann, Wilfred Bessel & Uli Matzinger

Ladies - Alliance
1st - 87pts Allyson Thomas, Jo Ledden, Solange Fox & Rene Matthew c/o
2nd 87 pts Lorrane Cook, Jeanne Powell, Jean Corfe & Candida Amm

Thursday 6th December
Ladies Twisted Xmas Comp - Alliance with a touch of Scramble!
1st 90pts Lan Yeadon, Jeanette Peyios, Maeve Mullane & Margi Sherratt
2nd 85pts Meryl Chambers , Bev Reimer, Val Volck & Glynis Hutton


The direction of technology

Materials open up your opportunity
Adjustable drivers, while being main-stream, have until now come along with some compromises,
especially with forgiveness.

By using weight strategically, designers have been able to extend the size of the hitting zone.

The leading 2018 drivers not only protect ball speed away from the sweet spot, they protect the launch conditions.

That means, despite a slightly off-centre ball strike, you still get the length of ball flight and distance you expected.

Originally, the weight required for adjustable
hosels reduced the amount of weight available
to the club designer.
That’s not the case anymore. More than enough
weight is available to the designer to allow them
to develop a driver packed with forgiveness.

The adjustable driver improvement 
Now though, new manufacturing processes, new lighter but stronger materials, have provided the designers of adjustable drivers with enough discretionary weight to give you adjustability and forgiveness.
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Technology with real impact

 Srixon Z 785 and Z 585 Drivers
The new Srixon Z 785 and Z 585 both come with real performance improvements.
We think these will make a big difference for many of our golfers.
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What motivates you?

What are you most looking forward to, as you arrive?
We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. Last week we had a simple question relating to social golf vs competitive golf. If you missed it and want to answer,

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This week we want to understand what you look forward to most as you drive to the golf club. Again a simple question. And again, to preserve privacy, your name is optional. So what inspires you?
Let us know
This is just one question. It might make you think though.
Let us know now.
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Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges deliver ball-stopping spin and control, along with designs that offer you options.
If you haven’t upgraded your wedge set in a while, the Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and the number of options they offer you greenside should be an inspiration to improve your short game.
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Derek and Sheena

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