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Change the way you think about golf

Start thinking about golf now. Not improvements you want to make to your swing, competitions you want to win or accomplishments and achievements you’d like to make.

Think about how you can use golf to strengthen relationships and friendships. How it can add joy to your life.
Plan to schedule a regular social game with friends. Every other week, when the spring and summer comes, get a group of friends together and play a social, fun competition. A social, pairs or scramble competition should be on every group of friends’ calendars.

PGA Show Next Week

Next week the professional staff will be at the PGA Show down in Orlando, Florida to preview all of the latest and greatest merchandise, as well as new product offerings that we look at to improve the golf operations at Glen View Club for 2019.

Stay tuned next week for an update from the PGA Show!

Make 2019 the best golf year yet!

Join us for two days of Short Game Clinics with Chris Green and James Sieckmann

Book now as this is a limited opportunity.


Golf events for 2019

For a look at our Golf Events for 2019 please click here.

Shafts and myths

It’s not about swing speed
We’ve seen online fitting tools that ask you how far you hit your 5-iron. From there they estimate your swing speed. Then they recommend a shaft flex. What if we told you that two golfers, with the same swing speed, using great club fitters, had to use two wildly different shaft flexes?
The “load” that Nick Price put on the shaft on the downswing was far greater than the much smoother Couples.
Price needed a shaft as stiff as he could get. Fred Couples played a much softer flex. But they had the same swing speed.
By the way, there are no standards for shaft flex.
There is no consistent meaning to “stiff” or “regular”.
Each manufacturer labels the shaft as they wish.
“If you’re losing distance as you get each year older, then it’s really
worth while looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer.”
How do you load the shaft?
How does the rhythm and tempo of your swing impact on the shaft? Have you ever invested some time in checking what you need in a shaft?
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Strengthen your core

Simplify your golf swing this year
Take some action now to lay the ground for a simpler better golf swing this year.
If we can improve the way your core controls your golf swing then you’ll make a better rotation, be more likely to swing on plane, and generate more power.
You’ll have read about “the triangle” of arms, shoulders and hands. Really, that’s a description that’s trying help you appreciate that your core controls the swing, not your hands.
If the core takes this leadership role, in both the
backswing and downswing, it significantly increases
the ability of a golfer to replicate a good swing,
time after time.
Start now – at home
Don’t wait for the season to start. Visit a fitness trainer and get them to show you a range of exercises that strengthen all of your core muscles so they can better support the three planes of motion in the golf swing.
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