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Welcome Bloom Golf!

Our first Friday Dinner for February was a great success with 165 members coming together for the evening. OKCC welcomed Bloom Golf and received exciting information on the future for the club. Be on the look out for more updates and information from Russ Bloom and our new team. A big thank you goes out to the member's support, Robert Helms & Texas Roadhouse, OKCC staff!

Ladies, this one is for you!

Tuesday the 12th OKCC will host a rain date for the Ladies NWGA Tournament. We welcome 34 ladies who will be playing a Shamble format. The 1st hole will be closed 8:30 – 11:00. Please call the pro shop and we will be happy to assist members with tee times.

Get your kids outdoors and having fun!

Parents & grandparents, golf is a great opportunity to separate your kids from electronics! USKG is family-oriented and can be the start of a wonderful experience for all!

Spring Tour:

March 10 - Great Southern
March 17 - Greystone
March 31 - Millbrook
April 7 - Beau Chene-Oak Course
April 14 - Oak Knoll Country Club
May 5 - Diamondhead-Pine Tour Championship

Did you know that OKCC has two sets of USKIDS family tees and scorecard? We offer junior classes and equipment to start your golfer on the path. Stop by the Pro Shop for more information.


Winter isn't over yet!

The cold days aren't over! Stop in the pro shop and check out our new knit hats and long sleeve shirts.

Love is in the air!


Share your thoughts on Sergio

In a European Tour event won by Dustin Johnson there was an "incident" involving Sergio Garcia where he deliberately damaged four greens and was disqualified. This followed, by the way, an incident where he lost his temper in a bunker the previous day and threw a tantrum striking sand out of the bunker with his club and feet.

The Tour has now moved on and consider the incident closed. What’s your view? Is a disqualification enough of a punishment? Is it one rule for some and another rule for the rest of us? Share your thoughts here.

Shafts and myths

Let’s bust some myths and misunderstandings
You may have read or heard some say that “the shaft is the engine of the golf club”.
That metaphor isn’t right. If there’s an engine, then it’s you.
You create the energy. The shaft controls and channels that energy.
The shaft is more the transmission; allowing the shaft to return the clubhead square
to the target at impact. The shaft transfers the energy you create to the clubhead.
One of the questions you have to ask yourself is: do you have the right transmission for your engine and vehicle?
Are you maximizing the return on the energy you’re creating; and are you returning the clubhead square to target at impact?  
“If you’re losing distance as you get older each year, then it’s really
worthwhile looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer
Now let’s check
Ready for your transmission to be checked over? We have examples of shaft changes that have added as much as 30 yards to tee shots. With irons, we find significant improvements in shot dispersion.

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Beyond our expectation

How does a golf ball deliver it all;
Soft, fast, distance, spin, durability?
Watch the video >

How good could you be?

Talent is overrated
Geoff Colvin, in his theory of “Deliberate Practice”, contends that you can all be so much better at golf,
and much quicker than you imagine, with a better approach to practice.
 This isn’t about beating balls until your hands bleed.
It’s about having a sensible structure that accommodates the commitment you feel you can make.
There are four essential steps according to Colvin’s principals:
A personal plan that starts from your current reality, identifying the areas you can most easily improve, quickly.  Go beyond your comfort zone, practicing shots you are not comfortable with. Choosing to hit shots you can’t execute consistently or adequately might not seem like fun, but you need to push your boundaries deliberately. If you don’t have a lot of time for practice, then limit the new skills you’re trying to develop. You need, through repetition, to sear the new movements required into the brain. You need continual and specific feedback. You need to record your swing in practice or have a coach present. If the result is bad, you need the diagnosis as feedback. If the result is good, you need the positive affirmation of the movements that created the result. 
Start your journey. We want to help.
We want to help you on your quest for a better playing experience. Let us start you off with an assessment. Then, involve us in your progress. Let us provide feedback and guidance. Better golf shots, more often, is a great payoff.
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