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AimPoint Express Putting

Is the perfect balance between simplicity and accuracy.

Aimpoint Express is perfect for any golfer who wants increased accuracy with a non-technical solution.

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We are offering our one-hour Express Level 1 session at Cypress Lakes
Thursday, November 15th at 4 pm

This one-hour session includes:
• Feeling Slope and establishing Break Direction
• Short Putts (<5') and medium putts (5' to 20')
• Choosing Correct AimPoints
• Capture Speed

Prerequisite: None
Cost: $100

Rob Noel and Craig Trahan look forward to seeing you...

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Black Friday deals

This week's special is good from now through Black Friday...

At least you don't have to line up all night to get them!

Juniors will receive one month free with any RNGA program purchased at either Money Hill or Cypress Lakes locations.
New students ONLY.
Contact Nic Drezins for Money Hill
Or Craig Trahan for Cypress Lakes

Please call us at 985-809-0060 if you have any questions.

A little pumpkin fun at RNGA

The pumpkins took one for the team...

... and they made for great target practice with our RNGA juniors!

What people are saying about us...

...We love to hear about your successes, so please don't forget to let us know.

"My son and I got fit for clubs with Ben at Rob Noel Golf Academy. My son did irons and woods and I did woods. The experience was just as memorable and successful as the one I did with Ben years ago. Ben dialed in the right shaft and head combinations for both of us. My son's distance control with his irons improved 100% and his confidence skyrocketed. As for me, I'm hitting between one and three less clubs into holes with my new woods. Thanks, Ben!" ~ Chris Dupassage

Are you playing with the right clubs?
Wanting a better game for yourself?


What an opportunity!

Money Hill is turning 20 - what does that mean for you?

To read all the details click here

Money Hill Golf & Country Club is offering people the opportunity to join for half of the regular joining fee.

But that's not all..

Anyone who visits with Money Hill GM Stephen Christopher to take a tour and discuss becoming a member, during this special promotion, will receive 25% off their first lesson at the Rob Noel Golf Academy.

The number one 

Step to more great shots
Your approach shot accuracy depends on you squaring the face to the target line.
You must have the right Lie angles for your golf swing.
The sole will be square to the turf at impact. You’ll be straighter.
If the toe is up (vs. the heel), then your face will automatically point to the left (for right-handers). You’re missing before you start.  If the heel is up (vs. the toe), then your face will automatically point to the right (for right-handers). Perfectly aligned, great swing, you’re still missing right?

We want you to hit more great shots
Let us help you hit more great shots. Let us check out your lie angles.
Get that right, and you’ll be amazed at how much more accurate you are.
This applies to all golfers. Why waste a great swing?

Which golf ball for your game?

Chrome Soft
The most technology in
any golf ball we carry.
The lowest compression
ball that’s super long.
Both will give you a really great and soft feel off of all your club faces. Both have lower spin rates off the driver to help create an extra long performance. What will influence your decision will be your desire for spin and control around the green. 
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Your wedge and ball flight

Shooting it in lower

If you watch the best golfers play this shot, you’ll notice they seem to nip the turf (rather than carving out a divot), and they then seem to have a shorter follow-through.

When we see golfers trying to play this shot on the range, many move the ball back in their
stance and play with a steeper angle of attack, under the impression that will create more spin.
Actually a shallow angle of attack with clean contact creates more spin. 

Come and learn to control ball flight
Being able to shoot the ball in with a slightly lower trajectory and
the spin to check the ball quickly, makes distance control so much easier.
Come and learn how to play this shot.
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