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I’ve been immersed in the Waterloo golf world for 45 years—spending 28 of them as the golf professional at South Hills—and without a doubt, this is the most excited I’ve been about what’s to come for golf in this city.

Things are changing. Not the game and not the quality of the courses—but the overall experience.

The three great Waterloo courses which you have known, played and loved will keep their individual names but together form “Golf Waterloo,” a unified, forward-thinking team of courses offering you the following benefits:
1.    Consistent customer experience: No matter which course you’re at, you’ll receive the same professional services and consistent answers to all of your golf-related questions.
2.    Increased playing opportunities: Along with offering weekly leagues at all three courses, a golf association club will be formed—granting you the opportunity to meet new players and form new friendships—while upping your competitive edge.
3.    More rewards: Seamlessly use rewards at all three courses.
4.    Simplified Tee Times: Book a tee time at any of the Golf Waterloo courses no matter which course you call. No more “Sorry we’re full—call another course.”
5.    Online Tee Times: We’re jumping into the digital age and finally letting you book weekend and holiday tee times online. Coming soon an online tee time scheduler which will allow you to book a time at the course of your choosing

I’m thrilled to be one of your Golf Waterloo Golf Professionals. It’s an exciting time to enjoy the game of golf at our excellent facilities. Look for more Golf Waterloo news and details in the coming weeks. 

Along with my partner Nate Lubs (Gates Park), I’d like to say thank you for choosing Golf Waterloo,
Monte Meyer (South Hills)

Start reaping the benefits

Citywide Cart Pass

We are offering a Season Cart Pass which will be good at all three courses.
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Your fitting survey

What’s important to you counts
We’d like your help to ensure we continue to offer you a better and more personal service. And with your individual responses, we get a much better idea of how we can help you. That’s a win-win survey.
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It seems if you watch the adverts, that everything about the driver is now related to “speed”.
Faster clubhead speed. Faster ball speeds, wherever on the face you make contact with the ball.
Fill in your survey
That’s why we’d like you to complete this survey and let us know what’s most important to you and your playing experience.
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Beyond our expectation

How does a golf ball deliver it all;
Soft, fast, distance, spin, durability?
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Adding speed

There’s a very good reason
Most golfers would have a much more enjoyable playing experience if they could either recover distance age has robbed them of, or even add 10 - 25 yards to their shots. If you could add 20 yards to your tee shots, then a #4 iron or hybrid second becomes a #6 iron approach. That’s a better opportunity.
 Then, if you’ve added 10 – 15 yards to iron shots, that #6 iron approach shot becomes a #7 or even #8 iron second.
How much easier is the game then?
+1 means 2 which converts to 4
Just add one extra mph swing speed, and you create two extra mph of ball speed, and that will almost certainly add four yards to distance. Technology and technique can both easily add speed to the clubhead and the ball. But the changes required to add power to your swing may well have benefits to your whole lifestyle.
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