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I really love all the reviews we get

But this one is special 

This one is from a friend of mine in North Carolina:

"After not playing golf for a year due to complete frustration with my game, and my sharp duck hook keeping every shot out of play, I went to get my clubs fitted by a local Raleigh fitter found on Yelp. The fitter had me swing a couple of clubs and told me he could not fit my clubs to me, that I would have to buy a new set and then he could fit them to me. He didn’t provide any suggestions, just to send him clubs I saw and was interested in and he could tell me if they would work.

I called my friend Tommy and relayed my story to him. Tim Brantley happened to be with Tommy at the time, and could not believe the story I was telling and asked me to call him the next day.

Upon calling Tim, he interviewed me thoroughly in regards to how I hit my clubs, some of my likes, dislikes, and various things about my swing I had never considered. He gave me a list of several irons to go to a retailer and look at and asked that I send him a couple of videos of my swing.

After having looked at various irons, I spoke with Tim again. We chose the Ping G700 Irons with Modus 105 stiff shafts +1/2.

I just finished a weekend golf trip where I got to use the new irons for the first time, and wow! I could not be happier. My ball striking was amazing. I am again excited about the game of golf and feel breaking 90 is in the near future.

Tim was pleasant to work with, and his knowledge was very apparent. It was clear he was interested in helping me improve.
Thank you, Tim. I only wish I could have done an in-person fitting with you. If it is ever a possibility, a trip to Dallas will be worth it."
~ T. T.

To corroborate his story: He and I played golf together a year ago

...and I got in his face and asked him what was wrong with him?  I wasn’t used to seeing him play like that.  He’s taken many quarters from me, and this was completely out of character.  After two rounds, he literally stopped playing.  I told him it was time to consider new irons. 

That game-changing phone call came while we were at the PGA Show, with Tim and three other instructors.  When I told them the story, they were incredulous.  No fitter worth their salt would say such a thing to a customer and the fact he made no attempt to help my friend was amazing.  We went to Myrtle Beach, and his PING G700 irons were in tow.  He literally couldn’t miss.  He was hitting 190-yard 7 irons. On a rope.  He was throwing darts at the pins and golf got easier for him. That is literally, what it’s all about.

As crazy as it sounds, Tim really can fit someone over the phone.  He’s fit me like that, and even when I finally flew into Dallas, the irons he put me in were spot on, even down to the lie angles.  I became a believer.  And after seeing my buddy, I know they’re right. Excellent job Neal and Adam!

Contact us if your game is suffering too.

Fitted! Really?


Results after being "fit"

Our next customer was “fit” by a what we will say is a “nationally based fitter” that builds all of their clubs offsite. They “fit” this gentleman into a driver that delivered 3153 RPM of spin and 125 mph in ball speed.  By all accounts, it works, but those are not optimal numbers for anyone, let alone someone in their 60’s with some physical concerns.  He can play but was very dissatisfied with the performance of his Driver.

Results after The Golf Station fitting

After coming into the store, inside of about an hour, this was the result: A reduction of over 700 RPM of spin, a decrease of sidespin, and an increase of 15 MPH of ball speed increased his distance by 39 yards and gave him a straighter flight with his new Titleist TS2 Driver.  I don’t think anyone would balk at those numbers.

Trust us, we deliver

These are a result of two customers putting their trust into us at The Golf Station.  We can do the same for you and help you enjoy our favorite game as well, or in my friend’s case, put the love of golf back into his life, and unfortunately the emptying of my pockets.

Click here or call us at 817.595.4653 to schedule yourself for a lesson or a fitting to see how we can help you get Golf Station fit!

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