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Success on the course!

146 yards with a pitching wedge. My buddy got every bit of it. It never left the flag and stopped about 6 feet from the pin for a kick in birdie, which came in handy because we were playing Match Play against a pretty determined duo. This would have
almost been a full 6-iron with his old set if he had hit the green. (Sorry, if you’re reading this, but it’s true!)

This is why so many trust us to get fitted at the Golf Station. Even from 800 miles away. We can definitely do the same for you. Contact us for a custom fitting.

You can play beyond your injuries

Tim recently gave a lesson to a PGA professional that had some rotational issues due to a hip replacement. Because of this his shots were not as powerful as he was used to. He was tired of weak shots that moved left to right. After working through some drills to incorporate his upper body into his takeaway, the snap to his shots returned. He was hitting the ball a club farther with a right-to-left ball flight. It was simply a matter of sequencing his swing correctly.

Let us help you

Be the best golfer you can be

We recently received this testimonial in the email box:

Tim and Chris,
Thanks guys for everything! You made me feel a lot more confident about fitters than I was before I came to see you guys. Well at least I have confidence in The Golf Station. If I ever need anything related to the game of golf from now on, you guys will be the FIRST people I come to see. Thanks again so much! You'll never know how much I appreciate the time you spent with me and your patience!!
- E.F.

This gentleman went to a “national fitter” and had a painful experience. Needless to say, a fitting should not be painful or bring out a negative response. More often than not, sadly we end up defending the industry and working to return some credibility back into what we do. There are good fitters out there, but what we do is different. We return credibility by simply listening, giving options and striving to be better in everything we do. No pressure and a quality build that you would find on a Pro Tour van.

The man got rid of his current set because the fit wasn’t what he was looking for. Like last week, the clubs worked, but they weren’t performing like he would have expected for the expense of the fitting and the upgraded irons he got.

Let us help you be great

We’re ready to help you and put you into equipment that works for you. And if something goes wrong, we’re willing to make it right.

Contact us here or call us at 817.595.4653 to schedule yourself for a lesson or a fitting to see how we can help you get Golf Station fit!

Your fitting survey

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The Par 3 Advantage

Tee up the ball
It's an advantage to be able to tee up the ball, even if you’re using an iron. It’s the opportunity to create the perfect lie, but this is what we see too often.
 This ball is teed up too high for an iron shot. This risks the ball hitting high on the face of an iron. There’s a real loss of distance above the sweet spot on an iron.
Below is a perfect example. The ball appears to be resting on the top of the blades of grass. Don’t try and play the ball on the up. It’s an approach shot from a perfect lie.
Find time to practice and make sure you’re playing the shot with the correct technique. Build your confidence.
Make Par 3 improvement a priority
Good technique and some practice breeds confidence. Good technique, practice, and confidence lower your scores. It also thrills you with better approach shots. We can help.
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