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The Masters is a tournament that many of us look to as the start of the golf season. It’s the first major and no matter where it sits on the schedule, it still lives up to its reputation and standing in golf. This year’s result was magical. I didn’t think Tiger Woods would ever win another major, and I’m a fan. But he did, and admittedly, I shed some tears. This was the very man that prompted me to get off the couch and say, “I grew up playing baseball. That ball isn’t moving. How hard can it be?” And over the course of 20 years we’ve watched him grow, rise, fall and gain life perspective that sometimes only pain and trouble can bring. And through a lot of hard work, and undoubtedly some help along the way, it’s culminated in his 81st PGA Tour win and his 15th Major Championship.

 Congratulations Tiger Woods. You helped us remember that you can actually still do this golf thing.

You've come to the right place

This week’s offering is a testimonial:

I wanted to send an email to thank you for fixing my driver.  I went to [Name removed] and I got fit, and I thought it was going to work for me but it didn’t. I was fit into a PING G410 and it looked like it was going to work for me until I got it on the course. Admittedly I didn’t understand all the numbers on the screen, it just got in the air and went high, but it didn’t go far. I was being outdriven by my buddies who were using drivers built a couple of years ago. I felt like I wasted money. I drove by the store and walked in. I happened to have my bag in the car and Tim couldn’t have been nicer and gave me a lot of information. He took me in the studio and in about 30 minutes he had me hitting straighter shots and he took the shaft I was in, and explained that my driver was spinning way too much, I think over 3500 RPM; that will always get the ball up, but at the cost of distance.

My fitting put me in a UST TourSpx Attas shaft and my distance got better and I was seeing the ball fly high, but with better trajectory and get more run on the ground.  But these were simulator numbers. After the driver was built, I went to play and the difference was night and day. Trackman had my spin numbers at 2350 RPM and I saw the difference on the course. I was now hitting the ball the same distance as (and a few times past) my friends. That what I was looking for when I went to get fit the first time. I guess it’s just marketing from a big company who says they can fit anyone with thousands of head and shaft combinations. In my case, they took my money and Tim made it right. 

Thank you!

I don’t know what else to say to that other than this:

 We’re getting a lot of these visits now from one retailer in particular.  Unfortunately, it’s costing golfers more money than it should in order to enjoy this game.  We know it’s disposable income, and appreciate everyone that walks through the doors.  We want to make sure you get your money’s worth.  If you’re on the fence or have a friend considering going elsewhere for a fitting, come in and point your friends our way.  We’ll make sure their experience and the equipment they choose is well worth it.

If your bag isn’t performing the way you think it should or you’re just ready for something new, please click here to contact us via email, or call us at 817.595.4653.

Everyone wants forgiveness

"Game Improvement" means exactly that
Most golfers who have an 8 – 15 handicap are fairly good ball strikers. If that’s you, then our guess is your approach shots can be frustrating. Sometimes you’re all over the flag. Other times you’re short and possibly right. Take advantage of technology to improve your consistency.
 If you’re in the 10 – 18 handicap range then you should be looking for a model that brings you more greens hit with your #8, #7 and #6 irons. Consistency from this range lowers your score and drops your handicap. It also makes the game a lot more rewarding.

Improve your approach shots
Remember that inconsistency of ball striking can be (and often is) a consequence of irons that have the wrong lie angle/shaft length for you. Get that right, with some technology that improves the consistency of strike, and this becomes a great game.
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The best for you

Don’t settle for what you have 
There’s a famous saying from Dr. Bob Rotella:
Great advice for when you’re on the golf course in competition.
But for most golfers, the implication of that is “most longer clubs stay in the bag forever”.  
Most golfers struggle with consistency when using fairway woods, hybrids, longer irons,
and sometimes even mid-irons, so how do you apply this advice?
Do most of these clubs remain unused in the bag forever?
We have some sports psychology for you:
Get a better experience
By increasing the length of club that you can hit consistently from the fairway, you change your golf game. Escape from difficult positions becomes easier. Setting up opportunity becomes easier. Both of those lead to a better playing experience.
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