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Put your hands together for...

Congratulations to our Summer Handicap Winners, Phil Gullan and Mike Teixera.

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Why not get a sleeve or 2 of the Srixon Soft Feel, or the Srixon Z-STAR, to put under the Christmas tree? This comes in the same size as hand cream or a bar of soap, but it's so much better. Feel good with the Srixon Soft Feel premium balls that will make you stronger, faster and you'll have a longer flight. Or, try the Srixon Z-STAR that will give you more spin, control and durability off the tee.

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Get more value for less

A Christmas dozen special is currently running on both the Srixon AD333 and the Srixon Soft Feel golf balls. Buy a dozen, and you will be saving big time!

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Look snazzy on the golf course
We have new stock in store! Summer is here, and we've got just the right shirts for you.

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Men's Ladies

Results for the week

4th – 10th November 2018

Monday school 4 ball Alliance 2 x scores to count
Phil Crowsley, Pam Crowsley, Dave Heron, Colin Bell 88pts

Ladies Day
No competition.

Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Wolfgang Weichtbold, Claude Basterfield 47pts

Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Bogey plus
Paul Klein, Anthony Paitaki +11 c/i

Saturday (AM)
Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Medal
Sam Roets, Brian Blackstock 59 nett

Saturday (PM)
Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Medal
Bruce Dunn, Michael Dunn 58nett

Hole more putts

Take advantage of birdie opportunities
Matching the loft of your putter to your technique is critical in becoming a consistent putter and therefore seeing more putts drop. Having the incorrect loft will negatively impact many factors such as launch off the putter face, spin imparted on the ball and overall roll on the green.

Player with incorrect putter loft Player fitted for correct putter loft

If the ball launches too high with too much
spin it causes the ball to bounce. Likewise,
if the ball launches too low it causes the ball
to dig into the ground and hop. Both of these
impacts negatively on distance control and
accuracy (3-putts and shorter misses). 
You’ll create a smooth repeatable roll off
the clubface,with a true roll found early.
You’ll increase your chance
of making putts. Your distance control
will improve.Fewer putts per round.
That impacts your scorecard.

Does your putter loft match your stroke?
Have you ever seen your putt bounce and just blamed it on the green?
It’s time you matched your putter to your game.
Hole more putts now.
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Technology with real impact

 Srixon Z 785 and Z 585 Drivers
The new Srixon Z 785 and Z 585 both come with real performance improvements.
We think these will make a big difference for many of our golfer’s.
Here's why >

Play more golf

Start anywhere with the family
If you’re looking for a great family bonding session, then there’s a great way to use golf over 2 hours and 9 holes.
Let everyone play the course in a way they can enjoy it. 

If you’re the expert, then tee off from the front tees. Male or female, place the emphasis on being in play. You’re not showing off how far you hit it. (By the way, quietly check if your percentage of fairways hit has improved, if you club down to fairway or hybrid).

Let your non-golfers, or inexperienced golfers, tee off from where they like. If they’ve never played golf, or have just started learning, we’d suggest 50 yards from the green. There’s no point having non-golfers hit from bunkers. Let them throw it out. This isn’t competitive. Make it a family better-ball score.

Get an introduction to golf

If, together with some friends and their family, you’d like your non-golfers to get a sound introduction
to the game first, then let us give them an introductory lesson for an hour. What a great gift!
We promise to make it fun, especially for children.

Contact us now >

Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges

The new Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges deliver ball-stopping spin and control, along with designs that offer you options.
If you haven’t upgraded your wedge set in a while, the Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and the number of options they offer you greenside should be an inspiration to improve your short game.
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