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The Rina Lifman Knockout Trophy

Let the games begin!

The Met Ladies will be participating in the Rina Lifman Cup from now to the end of October. See who comes out on top after four rounds of match play!


League news

The Metropolitan Mid AM League Team lost to Westlake (6-2) on Saturday.

Look good on the course

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Under Armour and adidas belts

Who's been winning at the club?

Monday School 4 Ball Alliance
4-Ball Alliance - 2 x scores to count
Johan de Villiers, Kevin Morton, Hans Lejon, and Paul Schweizer 87pts
Ladies Day
 4-Ball Alliance - 2 x scores to count Sue Moubray, Jenny Dukas, and Lexi Swanepoel   80pts
Members Competition
Betterball Stableford
Kevin and Vicki Morton 48pts
Members Competition
4-Ball Alliance - 2 x scores to count
Norman Stewart, Peter de Klerk, Andrew Drysdale, and Phil Gullan 91pts
Saturday (AM)
Members Competition
Betterball Medal
Derek Wille and Mario Theodoropoulos 60nett c/i
Saturday (PM)
Members Competition
Betterball Medal
Larry Sive and Mark Sacks 57nett

Feel the thrill

Don’t leave potential behind
The reason we’re able to add so many yards to our golfers’ tee shots,
is the amount of potential they leave behind even after making great contact.
There’s a different launch DNA for each golfer that maximises potential.
Now it’s time to “tune” your performance.
Can we change your angle of attack? How do we influence the amount of spin you create?
What is the launch angle that works best for you?
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, maximises the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 yards. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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Improvements everywhere

The new Z-STAR is soft and ”feels” great. It goes further. You will generate more spin, making you a short game wizard. The ball last longer. Srixon’s new Z-STAR does it all.
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How good could you be?

Make the most of any practice

Last week, we introduced you to Geoff Colvin.
He has a theory about “Deliberate Practice”.
This isn’t about beating balls until your hands bleed.
It’s about making the most of any time you practice.

Colvin recommends identifying a skill you want to acquire, or particular golf shot you want to master.
There are then two sorts of very deliberate practices on the way to mastering the skill or shot in competition.
Let’s say you’re trying to become a master of the 40-yard pitch-shots that stops quickly.
Block practice
While developing the ability to repeat the movements
that will create a consistently controlled and measured
40-yard pitch shot, you will hit shot after shot,
until you’re comfortable.
Random practice
On the course, you’ll need to play this shot at random.
So create that in practice. Hit different golf shots,
similar in sequence to a real golf game. Tee shot,
approach, short (40 yards) pitch.

Start your journey. We want to help.
Why don’t you give “Deliberate Practice” a try? Start with an Assessment. Let’s agree on a particular skill to be improved. We’ll teach you the correct technique. We’ll give you the practice program. We’ll check in every week with feedback. After two weeks, let’s test your new skill. How good could you be?    
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