Ladies and gentlemen…

The big cat is back!

Photo: Allen Eyestone / for The Augusta Chronicle

Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters Tournament over the weekend with a final score of 13 under par. Tiger’s last win at The Masters was 14 years ago, but the fans had full faith in him and he did not disappoint! It was a comeback of a lifetime, and we will all remember it for years to come!

What an incredible day for the game of golf!

Another triumphant winner

Congratulations to Muller van der Walt for winning our Masters Draw! Muller was lucky to draw Tiger Woods and has won R2 050 in Pro Shop vouchers!

The Monthly Mixed

Here are the winners of the Monthly Mixed Competition, sponsored by Langebaan Country Estate:

Congratulations goes to Gavin Evans, Phil Weir, Bobbie Ewan and Trish Weir.

Well done everyone!

Is your golf bag looking worn out?

Come in and choose from our range of bags!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, bring us a photo and we will track it down for you!

New and improved

Now in the Pro Shop

Winning on both sides


Penetrating Ball Flight
Optimal Spin
Very soft feel

Flies high
Spins more
Firm feel


Monday School
4-Ball Alliance, 2 x scores to count

Colin Bell, Eve Starke, Trevor Jackson, and Norman Stewart 88pts c/i

Ladies Day
1 to count on odd holes & 2 to count on even holes

Lexi Swanepoel and Michelle Hutcheson 54pts

Members Competition
Betterball Stableford

Koos Spangenberg and Jannie van Zyl 46pts

Members Competition
4-Ball Alliance, 2 x scores to count

Debbie Gibb, Charlie Nunes, Clifford Mijlof, and Tony Dunn 89pts

Saturday A.M.
Members Competition
Betterball Stableford

Warren Jacobs and Nat Iqani 46pts

Saturday P.M.
Members Competition
Betterball Stableford

William Hughes and Stephen Yates 43pts c/i

Simplify your short game

Practice, check, repeat on the course
Knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with a short, medium and full swing is vital if you want to become an accurate wedge player. You can also start to practice different shots. 
9-3 swing 11-1 swing Full swing
Bump and runs.
Flop shot.
Low shot into back pin position. Low controlled shot into the wind. High approach shot into
front pin position.
Armed with your wedge chart and your favorite distance with your favorite wedge, you’ll know where to lay-up if you can’t get to the green with your approach. That’s better game management. Every golfer, whatever their handicap, should have a wedge chart.

Fill your wedge chart

To gauge a distance for each of your swings for each wedge can be difficult without assistance. So why not book a session with us. Let’s complete your wedge chart and at the same time, we can look over your three swings. Maybe there are other improvements.
Book a session >

Better ball striking

Struggling? Is it the release?
Last week we told you that one of the primary reasons that some golfers make poor contact is their weight movement on the downswing.
Instead of the weight moving from the back foot to front foot through the downswing, some golfers attempt to lift the ball at contact by making an ascending blow on the ball. This almost always involves the weight traveling the wrong direction – front foot to back foot - in the downswing.

The other cause of inconsistent and poor ball striking we see is the early release of the club; sometimes known as "casting".

In this image, the clubhead is being released very early, and the angle between the lead arm and the shaft has been lost too soon in the swing. Clubhead speed will be lost at impact, and so will ball striking consistency. Good ball striking requires that the clubhead is released to the ball later rather than earlier in the downswing. Look how the angle between lead arm and shaft has been retained.

Most amateur golfers finish short of their target,
even after they’ve given it everything. If you’re a mid to lower handicap, you need accuracy, and that’s as much about distance. So think about taking one club more than you need and shortening the backswing and follow-through slightly.

What would improve your ball striking?

Is there a single fault that is impacting on the consistency and quality of your ball striking? How easily can it be fixed? It’s worth finding out because solid, consistent contact with your irons is one of the best feelings in golf. It’s time for better.
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