Otterly unbelievable!

Have you seen an otter out on the course?!
There have been reports of otter sightings here at the met!


Snap a photo and email it to for a feature in the newsletter!


The Cape Met League Team

Congrats gentlemen!

The Cape Met League Team won their first match 7-1 against Milnerton on Saturday!


We are excited for our new partnership with the Cape Peninsula Golfers!

Cold days. Warm hearts.

Do you have old jackets, hats, gloves, or scarves lying around?

 The Metropolitan ladies are collecting warm clothing for people living on the streets in Cape Town.


You will find donation boxes in the men’s and ladies locker rooms.

Keep your eyes peeled

Remember to keep looking for specials in the Shop!
We have a huge clearout sale coming this month in celebration of our new Pro Shop!



Who's been winning at the Met?

Monday School   
4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count   

Steve Newlan, Phil Schofield, Ian Maclarty, And Clifford Mijlof - 82pts

Members Competition - Singles Stableford   

Glen Gonsalves - 38pts
Members Competition - 4Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count   

Richard Felder, Charlie Nunes, Clifford Mijlof, And Tony Dunn - 88pts
Members Competition - Singles Medal (A & B) Singles Stableford (C)   


A. Hein Kriek - 74 Nett
B. Neil Gore - 70 Nett
C. Geoff Davidson - 37 Pts

  A. Spiro Bouloukos - 71 Nett
B. Steve Newlan - 67 Nett
C. Anthony Paitaki - 36 Pts

Spin: friend or foe?

How can you influence spin rates?
Manufacturers have long known that regular golfers needed a higher launch angle on tee shots. For a while, they tried to urge golfers to play super-high lofted drivers. But while increasing the dynamic launch angle (the actual angle the ball launches), it also created the side-effect of too much backspin for many.
By fixing a very common swing fault, most golfers can increase the launch angle and lower spin rates to increase distance off the tee substantially.
Many golfers have a slight downward angle of attack on the ball with a driver, but that has the effect of lowering launch angle and increasing spin rate. A very poor scenario for most golfers.
21 extra metres
TrackMan data shows us that a golfer with an 80mph swing speed who changes their angle of attack from -5° to +5° increases their dynamic launch angle by 4°, but even more importantly reduces their spin rate by over 1,000rpm. And that means 21 extra metres.

Don’t let spin rob you
Book an assessment with us and let's find your personal launch DNA: the perfect match of launch and spin for the ball speed you’re creating.
Contact us >

Be like Ernie…


It’s time to do something

A staggering fact
Scientific research indicates that, despite the medical advances that are curing many diseases, the life-expectancy of the latest generation is going to be 5 years less than we currently live!

We’re not here to lecture anyone on diet, nutrition, or “screen-time”. But we do believe that we need to get our children to embrace a more active lifestyle.


That’s why we want to help
If you have a child or grandchild, then let’s get them started playing golf. We’ll make it fun and enjoyable, social, and active. We want them to be healthier for their whole life. We want them to have those 5 years back. It’s time to do something.
Contact us for an assessment >



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