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Titleist Ball and FootJoy Glove promo

We will be hosting a Titleist Ball and FootJoy Glove promo with our local Titleist rep on the 26th of July.

Stay tuned for more details next week!


What's hot in the Pro Shop

Hot winter specials!

Check out these great deals that are guaranteed to heat up your golf game this winter!
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New Arrivals

18th July till the 31st August 2019

Buy 1 and get 40% off the 2nd item
(This special is only valid on outerwear)

Rhode Island Shoreham Jacket (Men's and Ladies')

Ahead Rene Round Neck Outerwear
Comes in 3 different colors, Navy & Grey and Light Blue.

Cutter & Buck Ladies Rainier Vests/Rainier Jackets

Cutter & Buck Melange Rainier Vest/Jackets

Cutter & Buck Stealth Half Zip

Tip of the week

Read Your Lie

When the grass is against you in the rough (growing away from the target), put a firmer grip on the club, swing harder on pitches, and add at least one club for long shots. When the grass is growing toward the target (a flyer), swing easier around the greens and take at least one less club for full shots using your normal grip pressure.

To practice these and more expert tips, book a lesson with us. You won't regret it!

Centre of Gravity (CoG) matters

To old & young, male & female, skilled & inexperienced
Whether you swing your driver particularly fast or very slow, the CoG location of your driver impacts significantly on your tee shot performance and playing experience.

Especially to those with slower swing speeds or those with very, very fast swing speeds the difference in tee shot improvement we can create, just by changing launch conditions, can be beyond 40 metres. That’s not just a great feeling when you hit the ball further; that could mean an easier #8 iron second shot vs. a more difficult #5 iron. Who wouldn’t want that?

Fix your millimetres and metres
Get every metre off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more metres to your tee shots.
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Be like Ernie…


A better life for them

You didn’t grow up like this
We used to hear about “computer game addiction” as a crisis with a few oddballs in far-away lands. There is now a “Fortnite Craze” – a computer game that has children locked in their bedroom. Addicted. And it's here and now. Not in far-away places.
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Our whole society needs to react to these challenges. We need to find ways to create more fun and enjoyment in the real world. Golf is the greatest game ever invented. No requirement to be a jock. Boys and Girls. Very social. Outdoors. Healthy. 

Let us add balance
Have your child enroll into one of our group sessions to learn to play golf, and we’ll have them outdoors, interacting, learning new skills, and having a whole stack of fun they can take out onto the golf course. They won’t stop playing computer games, but for a couple of hours each time we’ll have them off the phone, out from in front of the screen, engaging in fun activity.
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