Another happy ending

Fall in love with your game again

I hope you like reading the testimonials we get in. I do! They’re a validation of what we do and how we do it differently than other places. We always say, if you get someone in that you can relate to, it means more than having a pro or a scratch golfer tell you about anything. They can make almost anything work. Many of us can’t do that easily, or at all.

There's an old saying "Good things come in small packages." For myself it was a great thing that I found The Golf Station. It’s not a big box fitting studio like others you'll see around the DFW area. I have been fitted several times all over the DFW area in the past years and I must say that Tim is far better than what other fitters in the area are! I was skeptical at first because of all the bad equipment I purchased from other fitters that are now collecting dust in my old bags.

The first thing he asked me was about my health (which isn't the greatest) and he said we'll get you into the proper equipment to accommodate my health so that by the time I get to the 15th hole or so, I won't be dragging my butt waiting for the round to be over. Well after hitting several shots and having what my spin rates should be, they set me up with PING G700's. The shaft is super light and now by the time I'm finished with 18, I'm ready to go again! The day after I can actually walk, my body doesn't ache near as much as it used to! Tim made me start loving the game of golf again.

I want to him for literally saving my health and my golf game. They should be at the top of anyone's list who is looking for a great and honest club fitter in the DFW area, because from personal experience if you do not see them you are doing yourself a big injustice. Thanks again guys! The irons are better than sliced bread and words can't begin to describe how much I appreciate everything you've done for me.
- E.F.

This is real life folks. We have golfers with various issues, and pain and fatigue can drive people from the game. But technology is there to help. My bad back made me go to graphite and lighter in my irons. Heck, even Tiger Woods had to go lighter in his driver and fairway woods and look what happened with him. Let technology do what it’s supposed to do. And in many cases, it’s not just chasing distance, (though it can help) without expending extra effort. We can help you play with less, and in many cases, no pain. Equipment comes with getting yourself in shape, if you need to. Adam can help with developing an approach to get your body right using principles taught by the Titleist Performance Institute. He just doesn’t build clubs.

Of all the irons we fit in the back, the PING G700’s are consistently commented on for literally changing the games of everyone that we put into them. They’re easier to hit and are most forgiving irons we have, and it’s not even close.

No matter what you decide to try, we’re going to find the right irons for your game. Whether you’re a 2 handicap or a 32, we’ve got you covered and will find something that will help you play better, enjoy the game, and for goodness sakes, not make you hurt!

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Get a grip!

We're here to answer your questions...

I have a question about grips: Can you explain how to decide what grips to put my clubs?P. S.

The rule of thumb is the size of your glove should determine your grip size. To me it’s even simpler than that: I vote to simply go for not only what’s comfortable but one where you can grip the club securely without squeezing the daylights out what’s in your hand and cause tension through the golf swing. Some even believe that grip size can help determine whether you can release the club properly. I understand that logic, but I don’t necessarily buy that. If you’re using an oversized grip and you’re technically deficient and slicing the ball, guess what? You’re still going to slice or hook the ball.

I’m not saying that bigger grips won’t work SOME, but if your clubface is too open or closed at impact…well, you know. Now if you’re changing your grip, that’s something else, and Tim can help you find out where your hands should be in relation to what your body should be doing.

We’ve been absolutely slammed busy over the past few weeks. I guess it’s a great problem to have. Thank you all so much for the phone calls, visits and those taking advantage of all of our services. It’s our pleasure to serve you and help you play the game better and enjoy it more.

For more information on what we do and the services we provide, please click here to contact us via email, or call us at 817.595.4653.

Everyone wants forgiveness

And you want it all ways
If your handicap is over 18, then there’s a good chance that you either don’t get great height on your approach shots and/or often lose the ball to a fade or slice. There’s technology to help: Super Game Improvement!

“Too many of our inexperienced and higher handicap golfers miss out on the fitting process. They don’t think they’re skilled enough. Where’s the logic? "I’m not that good, so I’ll play with an iron that makes the game harder!" Get fitted. Make the game easier."

Changing shapes
Super game improvement irons used to look like mini metal woods. No longer. Materials, manufacturing and smart design deliver technical assistance in good looking models. Talk to us. Let us show you. Oh, and let us FIT you.
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The best for you

You can do this

We just need to improve one, some, or all of the following parts, and your playing experience changes more than your game. It changes everything for the better.

Too often we make it
difficult from the start.
You’ve all read that apparently
the rest is easy if this is right!
How many photos have you seen showing the right position at the top?
Despite telling us what
went before made it easy…
Is this where we “throw
the clubhead
at the ball”?
More than for show.
This will reveal everything.
Yes, this is a nice swing. It could be you. Getting these steps right, or at least better, makes a thrilling difference to your ball striking and the experience out on the golf course.
Get a better experience
What would cause you to smile more often on the golf course? What would give you cause for celebration? If greater consistency of ball striking will help deliver a smile or celebration,
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