Lightweight shafts

The last newsletter spurred a couple of questions for this week. 
Dealing with lighter weight shafts and some equipment options.

"Thank you for last week’s subject.  I’ve wanted to try lighter weight shafts, but I just don’t know if I want to make the move to graphite in my irons.  However, at the end of a round, I admit, I’m hurting and tired.  I usually begin to feel it around the 12th hole and struggle for the rest of the round.  I just got these irons online and really didn’t want to spend any more money on them, but at the end of a round, I’m worn out.  Also, do I even have to go to graphite if I just like the feel?"  ~ C.G.

Graphite is the most flexible material, and I’m not talking about “flex” in a shaft sense.  Graphite iron shafts can weigh anywhere from 40 grams to 130 grams and in many cases depending on the company, they can create individual and custom bend profiles.  If you want rebar, we can accommodate you.  As for steel, it is what it is.  However, many would argue that there is more control with a steel shaft.  I agree and disagree.  It comes down to preference and what a golfer feels like they can control. 

However, as we said in the past, it’s better to come in and get fit than to guess and spend more money than you have to.    Frequently, when those internet purchases are made, we’re getting them in
for retrofitting, after they’ve been used for a couple of rounds.

Come in and chat with us. You won't leave disappointed.


"The proof is in the hit"

Tour Edge Facebook

"I’m looking for some lets say, “more affordable” options for some equipment.  Everyone seems to want the big boy names, but I’m not afraid to play another company’s stuff.  What would you recommend?"
~ K.M.G.

I know. Golf gear isn’t cheap. However, if you truly want value, Tour Edge makes some great equipment at a lower price point.  While it may not be the first name you might think of, they’ve been around for 30 years, and the founder David Glod wanted to create a more affordable option for golfers to get custom gear.  In doing so, he created one of the most cult-classic fairway woods on the planet using beta-titanium chemical welding in the face.  These pack a serious distance punch, and we rarely get these out of the bags from golfers who are looking to be fit into new gear.  We just put a new shaft in them and off they go.

From beginners to scratch golfers, and including ladies and juniors, Tour Edge shouldn’t be overlooked.  They are played on PGA, PGA Champions and Tours.  Their new Exotics EXS Driver now holds the Ladies World Long Drive distance record at 413 yards
That’s just sick!

Moreover, of course, it’s at a great price point.  Everything in their line can be custom fit right here at The Golf Station.  From super game improvement to blades, seriously, their value is hard to beat.

Go further

Than you've ever gone before
With Cleveland/Srixon.

On Friday, May 24th, Cleveland/Srixon will be having a Demo Day in the store from 1:00-4:00pm

Their representative will be available to answer questions and help fit you into their line of woods, irons, and their iconic wedge line.

Please give us a call for more information about the upcoming demo day or anything else we do.  We’re ready to assist you in whatever you need.  Come in and see how we take care of you!

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Simplify your short game

A wedge chart helps

You want to hit closer wedge shots more often with greater ease. If you can control your distance, you create more opportunities for birdies and par saves. Let’s help you achieve this by simplifying your short game with the use of a wedge chart. 
A ‘wedge chart’ is an accurate recording of the distance each wedge travels depending on the length of your swing. Wedge charts are used by the majority of Tour Pros, yet no one really encourages amateur or club golfers to use them.
Making your wedge game easier
 Understanding the importance of precision on approach shots using a wedge chart is your first lesson to a better short game and becoming a wedge guru. You may think you are not good enough for a wedge chart,
but they really work for any level of golfer.
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Ten shots better

Here’s where
If you’re in the 15-and-up handicap range, there’s a strong likelihood you could improve and be 10 shots better. If you don’t believe us, monitor your next round for shots lost in the following areas:
From 100 yards in, too many golfers still take 4 shots. A lack of control of distance, wrong club choices (or lack of choices), and inconsistency as they attempt to use swing speed to control how far they hit the ball, mean it’s a green missed.
One of the most common golf shots golfers are left with as a final approach to the green, is the short-pitch shot (15 – 40 yards). Most don’t understand the technique. Most don’t make good contact. Most can’t control landing spot and roll-out. Most know it’s 3 from here (and possibly worse).
It should be 2, or even 1, from here at least 50% of the time. You should be able to play this shot with confidence every time.
How many of you have no real confidence in the greenside sand? How many of you know it’s at least 3 shots from here, even 4 sometimes, rather than the occasional 2?

The ten-shot assessment
Book a session with us and let’s evaluate your technique and your equipment. Let’s identify how many shots we can improve your game by.
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