How do you get your first PGA win?

So when you try to get your first win of your PGA Tour career after losing your card twice what do you do?  You put in a new Titleist TS4 Driver and the new ProV1 with your other tried and true Titleist clubs, and hold off some of the top players in the world. 

Congratulations to Max Homa in breaking through and winning your first PGA Tour event!


What was I thinking?

It was a quiet email week.  No testimonials, no questions.  Nada.  Zip. 
It’s not like we weren’t busy.  We’re as busy as ever with fittings and bag re-builds. But as far as customer input, it’s been crickets.  So I’ll tell a little story about my kid, choosing equipment....

My son patiently awaits my new gear because he knows that there is an excellent chance he’ll get my old gear.  He is probably like your kids golf-wise.  He’s “strong like a bull,” and wants to hit the ball as far as humanly possible.  Course management really isn’t his thing (working on that), and he will grab anything from my well worn Tupperware container in the garage.  He has old distance balls in his bag, but this time, I slipped in some ProV1x balls to see if he could tell the difference.  To keep us going, I didn’t have him use them on regular holes until we got to Par 3’s.  I threw him one, and with his autistic mind, he saw the difference immediately.

Nevertheless, he teed it up and fired a 7-iron into a 170-yard green.  He said simply, “Wow!”  It took off higher and farther than we both thought and to top it off, he got spin and the ball sucked back to 20 feet.  We both looked at each other and high fived.  He took his 3-putt bogey and moved on.  Yeah, he putts like me, darn it!

But around the greens, he remembers what Uncle Tim showed him, and this ball came alive.  Chips and pitches became easier because he could get the ball to stop around the hole and leave himself with shorter putts.  So he said, “I guess the ball does matter.” 
It sure does.  I’m afraid I created a monster.  I introduced a 15-year old to the ProV1 series.  Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure what I was thinking.


Shift our focus

We all focus on the big-ticket items

Like shafts, heads and just getting the best gear you can in your bag.  But often overlooked by many fitters is the ball itself.  You can call for a fitting and Tim can make a recommendation.  I’m stubborn and like trial and error and I do it pretty much every year.  But coming in and doing it the right way will save you time and effort. 

We’ve seen real performance changes by merely changing the ball someone plays, especially if your bag already fits you.  I know I’ve said it before, but it’s truly the cheapest and fastest change someone can make to help themselves.  Of course, get your golf balls through us.  We have a wide assortment to choose from.

Let us help you!

We’re ready and able to help you play your best.  Regardless of your age, physical condition and skill, we will make you better.  That’s a promise we can back up and have hundreds of times. 

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And then send in those stories and testimonials to me at

Simplify your short game

Three swings you can replicate
Do you lack confidence controlling distance with your pitch shots?  Many, even most, of our golfers have one swing length for all pitch shots. They control their distance by accelerating or decelerating into the ball. That’s a tough task and just adds to the challenge of the shot. It’s very difficult to be precise. 
Control distance with the length of your back-swing and follow-through. Work with three swing lengths using the clock face theory 9-3,11-1 and full swing. It will help you hit it closer more often through greater distance control.
Now you should create a wedge chart. An accurate recording of the distance each wedge travels depending on the length of your swing.
This will help you make better decisions on the course. This will help you hit your distance target more often.
Fill the gaps
Integrating a 9-3 and 11-1 swing into your wedge game is critical to ensure you are never between clubs again. You will be shocked by the consistency and confidence you gain. It only takes one lesson.
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Ten shots better

Consistency and distance control
We asked you to monitor your next round in 4 different areas. We stated that if you were in the 15-and-up handicap range then there’s a strong likelihood you could improve and be 10 shots better. One of the areas we asked you to monitor was in the 100 – 40 yard range.
 What was your average number of shots to get down from this range?
Was it lower than 3 or greater than 3? If it was greater, then by how much?
Have you dialed in the distances you hit a pitching wedge, on a half, three-quarter, and full swing? That should be 3 distances you can hit confidently. Along with your PW do you carry a 50° or 52° (gap) wedge and have you dialed in the distances on your 3 swing lengths? That’s now 6 distances you can hit with confidence. Your sand wedge (probably 56°) should also add trajectory and distance options.

The ten-shot assessment
Book a session with us and let's evaluate your technique and your equipment. Dialing in the distance you hit your wedges will help. Improving technique so you hit that number more often, is also important. Adding equipment options is another step forward. Let’s identify how many shots we can improve your game by.
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