On the tee with Trevor

Congratulations to our winners and everyone that participated in the Alec Levin Foursomes. Here is a list of the results:

Alec Levin Foursomes
30th and 31st of March 2019 (54 Holes)

Best overall gross:

1st - Wilco Nienaber & Christian Burke 203 (-13)     
2nd - Llewellyn Booysen & Carlos Laranga 213 (-3)
3rd - Hannes Viljoen & Stephan Meintjies 233 (+17)
4th - Jeff Xaba & Patrick Seekoei 235 (+19)
5th - S. Griesel & R. Francis 237 (+21)
6th - Joseph Fourie & Marco Fourie 240 (+24)

Best overall nett:

1st - Alec Levin & Johan Groenewald  
2nd - Ike Heyns & Ryno Smith  
3rd - Pierre Grobler & Micky Quin 
4th - Joseph Fourie & Marco Fourie
5th - Francois Bezuidenhout & Charles Stofile
6th - M.C Pienaar & Hansie Engelbrecht
7th - Kyle Ridgard & Darren Slingers


The race is on!


Upcoming events

Saturday, the 6th of April is a Medal Competition, sponsored by The Blair Group of Companies.


Wednesday, the 10th of April is the 2019 Stella Artois Business League.


Saturday, the 13th of April is a B.B.B.B kindly Sponsored by K. W . V

Sunday, the 14th of April is a 1 tee start until 10:40. Nomads will start at 11:00 on the 1st & 10th tees. Social golf will resume from 14:00.

Wednesday, the 17th of April is an I.P.S sponsored by the Club. We also have our seniors joining us.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on

Wednesday, the 17th of April
at 7pm in the Lounge.

Friday the 19th of April is Good Friday. The course and its facilities will be closed.

Saturday, the 20th of April is a B.B.S, kindly sponsored by N.T.T. Nissan.

Sunday is Social Day with a 1 tee start

Monday, the 22nd of April is a public holiday - Family Day - with a 1 tee start.

The 2019 Captains Cup has been scheduled for Thursday, the 25th (registration), Friday, the 26th and Saturday, the 27th of July

For any enquiries, please call Trevor on 051/ 447 0906 or 082 494 9469.

Tune in to your favourite station

A winter treat!

When winter comes whirling in, we usually take cover under heavy jackets, woolly jerseys and duvets. The biggest challenge each morning is put one toe out of bed onto the freezing tile floor!

But winter can be fun, and warm, and snug. You just need the right people and the right setting!

Before winter properly sets in, make way for our Winter Special! This includes a bed & breakfast and a complimentary glass of red wine or Gluhwein. Relax after dinner with a hot cup of coffee in the one hand and dessert in the other.

To book your winter retreat, call us on 051 871 4200 or info@blackmountainhotel.co.za.

Get kitted out for autumn

Click on the banner for our Pro Shop specials!

Anytime on a Sunday

Pack in your whole family for a grand day out on the course!

Feeling lucky this weekend?

Last week Marthinus Zwiegelaar missed out on the R 8 000 roll over draw. The Stella Artois beers were won by Henco Myburgh.

The next draw will take place today, the 5th of April 2019. The draw will be worth R 8 100

Hope to see you all there!



Through these tough economical times, we at the Bloemfontein Golf Club have started implementing affordable ways of paying your annual membership fees. We have a monthly debit order facility that has been very successful.

Please give either Lodia or Carla a call at 051 447 0571, who will assist you in renewing your membership, or to become a new member.

Happy birthday!

Burger Vosloo 05.04, Jan Venter Jnr 07.04, Wilco Nienaber 07.04, Armin De Jager 07.04 & Gideon van Staden


Who's been winning?

Saturday, the 30th of March

B.B.S Sponsored by Alec Levin and Distell.


1st with 43 pts was Bertus Rust & Rudi Besselaar
2nd with 41 pts was Jaap Botha & Elsa Botha (winning the c/o)
3rd with 41 pts was Pieter du Plessis & C. vd Westhuizen
4th with 41 pts was
Neville Rudman & Pierre Joubert

Simplify your short game

A wedge chart helps

You want to hit closer wedge shots more often with greater ease. If you can control your distance, you create more opportunities for birdies and par saves. Let’s help you achieve this by simplifying your short game with the use of a wedge chart. 
A ‘wedge chart’ is an accurate recording of the distance each wedge travels depending on the length of your swing. Wedge charts are used by the majority of Tour Pros, yet no one really encourages amateur or club golfers to use them.
Making your wedge game easier
 Understanding the importance of precision on approach shots using a wedge chart is your first lesson to a better short game and becoming a wedge guru. You may think you are not good enough for a wedge chart,
but they really work for any level of golfer.
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Better ball striking

There’s a special feeling that comes with hitting a solid iron shot. Especially one you feel launch off the face and then track on a great trajectory going straight at the target.
 Most of those who are struggling to hit solid iron shots have a low point of their swing BEFORE the ball. That means they either make "fat" contact (turf before ball) or they catch the ball with the bottom of their iron face (thin) on the upswing.
If you’re a good ball striker and want to get even better, then try focusing on tempo. Reduce your emphasis on how far you hit your irons, and work on a consistent tempo. A good tempo will lead to consistent contact and consistent distances.

Make it solid

You need to strike the ball first with a slight descending trajectory. That ensures your contact is solid and strikes the face in the hitting zone. We have drills that can help you on the practice range. We can also look at your swing and let you know how to improve your ball striking.
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