On the tee with Trevor

Calculating your differential:

Currently we follow the USGA in using the best 10 differentials ((Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating) x 113/Slope) from players' last 20 differentials, multiplied by 0,96. This will change on the 1st October to the best 8 Differentials from the last 20, with no reduction. The reason for this is that after studying millions of records, it was clear that by using the best 8 differentials out of the last 20 and dropping the 4% reduction, handicaps proved more equitable across all forms of play.

Using the best 8 scores would also drop the Handicap Index quicker for golfers having a good run of form and it would move out more slowly for those having a bad patch. We all know that this cycle seems to be part of the game, even for professional golfers, but it does not necessarily mean that the ability of a golfer has changed.

Obviously there are long-term improvements and deteriorations, and these will be reflected in the golfer’s Handicap Index, but it’s the short term fluctuations, as well as making competitions more fair, that will be better managed by using the average of the best 8 score differentials out of the last 20 scores entered.

The best things to keep warm this winter...Golf & Soup!


Exciting new developments!

Thanks to Raubex we are able to rebuild the bridge!

The rain can no longer stop us from playing our beloved sport.

To all members

BMW has launched a historic first-ever Golf Cup International Series. The S.A. leg of the series takes place as follows: Club, Provincial and then National.

Schoeman Park Golf Club will host the club leg on Saturday the 27th of July.

Bloemfontein GC members have been allocated spots as follows: men 48 & ladies 8.

Please call Estelle at Schoeman Park on 051 /1010619 to book your tee-off time.

The Provincial finals will be held at the Bloemfontein Golf Club on Thursday the 19th of September. 

Betterball Matchplay

This is sponsored by the Blair Group of companies.

Round 2 is to be completed before the end of
end of August!
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Race to Sun City

What do you listen to?


Upcoming events

Our Holiday Specials will continue until Tuesday the 8th of July.

Saturday the 6th of July is a Medal Sponsored by The Blair Group of Companies.

Wednesday the 10th
is The Stella Artois business League.

Friday the 12 July
is The Club 100 Golf Day.

Saturday the 13th of July is a B.B.B.B kindly sponsored by K.W.V

Wednesday the 17th is an I.P.S sponsored by the Club.

The 2019 Captains Cup
has been scheduled for Thurs the 25th (Registration), Friday the 26th and Sat the 27th of JULY

For any enquiries, please call Trevor on 051 /447 0906 or 082 494 9469.

The Denis Hutchinson Tribute Tour with Dale Hayes

15th August 2019

The “Voice of Golf” Denis Hutchinson and Dale Hayes, invite you to enjoy 18 Holes of golf, and an evening with them as they discuss their long involvement in this wonderful game.

It’s 60 years since Denis won the SA Open at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington, beating Gary Player by one shot. Hutch was still an amateur and remains the last amateur to win the SA Open. Bloemfontein golf Club will host this event on Thursday the 15th of August.

Bookings will open shortly, contact Trevor or Janke on 051/ 447 0906 for more information.

Winter is here...

When winter comes whirling in, we usually take cover under heavy jackets, woolly jerseys and duvets. The biggest challenge each morning is put one toe out of bed onto the freezing tile floor!

But winter can be fun, and warm, and snug. You just need the right people and the right setting!

Before winter properly sets in, make way for our Winter Special! This includes a bed & breakfast and a complimentary glass of red wine or gluhwein. Relax after dinner with a hot cup of coffee in the one hand and dessert in the other.

To book your winter retreat, call us on 051 871 4200 or info@blackmountainhotel.co.za.

 Join in on the fun

Families who golf together, stay together

Pack in your whole family for a grand day out on the course every Sunday!

Who's the lucky winner?

The next draw will take place on the 5th of July.

The roll over draw has been replace with a 50 ticket draw, the winning number drawn will win 50% of the value of the numbers sold, and 6 Stella Artois beers.

Shorty Hartman won last week’s draw.



Through these tough economical times, we at the Bloemfontein Golf Club have started implementing affordable ways of paying your annual membership fees. We have a monthly debit order facility that has been very successful.

Please give either Lodia or Carla a call at 051 447 0571, who will assist you in renewing your membership, or to become a new member.

Happy birthday!

Nico Naude 05.07
Hesma Louw 05.07
O’Niel Nel 05.07
Johannes Pretorius 05.07
Therese Visagie 08.07

  Michael Vroomen 09.07
William van Niekerk 09.07
Darren Winkelman 09.07
Jacques Venter 09.07
Ian Mc Lachlan


Who's been winning?

Saturday the 29th June
Kindly sponsored by Distell.

1st with 47 pts was Henco Myburg & Des v Viegen
2nd with 46 pts was Glenn Kyle & Gerrie Britz
3rd with 43 pts was Paul Mc Laren & Ryan Mc Laren
4th with 43 pts was Greg Ntatisi & Vincent Mothunyane

Wednesday the 3rd July
Sponsored by the Club, and co-sponsored by the Golfers Club

1st with 46 pts was Terence Salo & Llewellyn Booysen
2nd with 43 pts was Willem Slabbert & Theo van Tonder
3rd with 42 pts was Brian Nel & Barry Kitching

Centre of Gravity (CoG) matters

CoG can impact tee shot distance by 20+ metres
Below are two drivers with exactly the same loft. Let’s assume they also have an identical shaft and shaft length.

The white DOT marks the CoG
The white line through the centre of each driver represents the neutral axis. Almost all drivers have a CoG that is above this line. Both the distance above, and how forward or back the CoG is, will impact on the angle the ball actually launches, the amount of spin on the ball, and the amount of MOI (forgiveness the driver has).

The driver on the left will go farther for a slower swing speed golfer as it will launch higher and with more spin. The driver on the right will go farther for a more aggressive golfer with a faster swing speed because it will launch a little lower and spin a lot less.
The difference between CoG locations in drivers can be measured in millimetres, but the difference in distance can be measured in tens of metres.
CoG affects the launch conditions (angle and spin) and that significantly impacts on how far your ball will travel.

Fix your millimetres and metres
Get every metre off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more metres to your tee shots.
Contact us >

A better life for them

You didn’t grow up like this
Does the way children grow up today worry you? How radically different is their childhood and teens to that of just 20 years ago?
Children have to be digitally literate, but they also need to invest in movement and athletic ability, their health and well-being, and their interpersonal skills.

Let us add balance to their lives
Have your child enroll into one of our group sessions to learn to play golf, and we’ll have them outdoors, interacting, learning new skills, and having a whole stack of fun they can take out onto the golf course. They won’t stop playing computer games, but for a couple of hours each time we’ll have them off the phone, out from in front of the screen, engaging in fun activity.
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