Are you cold yet?

The Swiss-based, internationally operating brand is famous not only for its ski collections, but also for groundbreaking golfwear.

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Trunk Show

Saturday, November 23rd from 12pm - 6pm

In the Men's Pub

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Made for everybody

Unlike anything you've ever felt!

Feel better, move better, and recover faster with the quietest, most effective percussive therapy device in the world.

Visit us at the Golf Professional Shop and find out how a Theragun can help you! For those who may have aches and pains this device is
a “game changer”!

Let a Member of our Professional Staff show you the benefits
of this product!

Come in, try it out and let us know if we can answer your questions.

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November hours

Pro Shop
  Wednesday through Sunday 9am-5pm

Are you fit for the course?

Last week we referenced yoga as a way to get fitter for golf next year, especially for those who are losing some flexibility or have restricted movements. Many golfers struggle with a shoulder turn, and their swing is all about hands and arms. If you do attend a gym, ask an Instructor to help you build mobility and strength in your large core muscles, including your glutes. Get instruction on how you can improve your shoulder turn.

We can help you improve your game. Contact us.

Fitting for approach shot magic

We want you to evolve your thinking about your approach shots. Get more demanding about the results you want. Work with us on improving your performance.
Let’s start with what you should demand from the partnership that is your swing and your irons.
Adding distance means you're playing a shorter club. That means literally a shorter length club. That makes it easier to square the club face and launch the ball high and with accuracy.
Squaring the face to target and squaring the sole to the ground at impact means you’ll hit more shots tighter to the target. Technique is important. Fitting is imperative. Yes, fitting is imperative to accuracy.
Once your approach hits the green you want stopping power. That requires spin and an angle of descent that means the ball will sit. So, you want technology in your iron that launches your ball on a great trajectory.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the three dimensions above. Improve these and it increases the number of magical moments on the course.
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Enjoy the experience

Many of our golfers have gone south to homes in places where the winter encourages golf. If that’s you, then enjoy yourself. Make the most of it.

If you’ve now "retired" for the winter, then we’d like you to think back to the golf season past.  What gave you the most enjoyment?
The social experience and friendships made and strengthened.
Competitions won.
The pleasure of the game, and those exceptional moments where a shot comes off.
The challenge of the game. The fact that there’s always a skill to master.
Participating in an outdoor activity that helps with health and well-being.
Just being outdoors in beautiful nature.
The improvement journey. The personal challenge and the steps to being a better golfer.
A new record low score.

If you want to let us know
Please feel free to give us your thoughts. We’d love to read stories that better inform us of what matters most to you.
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