Friends! Outdoors! Fun!

When your kids learn to play the game of golf, they are not just
learning to play golf.

They are building relationships.
They are outdoors instead of playing video games.
They are learning a sport which they can share with family members no matter what the age difference.

Give them the gift of a great sport this summer.

Sign them up for our summer camps.

Time: 9 am - 12 pm
$275 per student

Ages: 4 - 16
June 18-21
July 9-12
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Time is running out...

A 1-hour Equipment Assessment
and Swing Evaluation

May 1st - May 31st
We will use the proper tools to maximize your game, from putter to driver.
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Gripping news

We see many golfers who try to get some extended play with old worn out grips. Sometimes grip wear is hard to detect because it can be so gradual. The fact is, once the grips have worn out, more grip pressure is required to keep the club from slipping in your hands. This added grip pressure is costing you precious strokes...

Buy 12 grips get the 13th FREE

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To our PGA Championship winners for the Academy
Elite - Reese Drezins
Junior Elite - Phanu Galloway
Junior Ignition - Braxton Patterson
        Ignition - Steele Siverd (not pictured)

Congratulations also goes to Joey Klucznik for graduating to yellow hat!
Looks good on you Joey!

PGA Junior League

Kicked off last week at Oak Harbor with the Money Hill Pin Seekers defeating Tchefuncte T-Birds 7.5 - 2.5.
Our young Money Hill GOATS having a 5-5 draw with Beau Chene Mudbugs
Great job teams!

   "What I am truly proud of is the sportsmanship and class our players displayed.  I saw some amazing golf today." ~ Coach Nic Drezins


Testimonial Tuesday

"My experience today was a very positive one. Michael Howes focused on techniques that needed improving by providing easy to understand instructions as well as videos for me to see the before and after of my strokes. He used easy to understand language in addition to physically demonstrating. I am looking forward to playing this weekend to implement what I learned today. Thanks, Michael." ~
Beth Daschbach

Not sure where your game needs help?
Come in for an assessment and we can get you playing better!
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Simplify your short game

Reap the rewards of great wedge play
Over the past three weeks, we have discussed the importance of great distance control in your wedge game and how it can help you lower your scores, improve your skills and get more from your golf. 
Create a wedge chart.
There are many advantages:
- Greater distance control
- Improved accuracy
- Better shot execution under pressure
- Added confidence from a variety of distances
- Less technical swing thoughts
- Better game management.
Armed with your wedge chart and your favorite distance with your favorite wedge, you’ll know where to lay-up if you can’t get to the green with your approach. That’s better game management. Every golfer, whatever their handicap, should have a wedge chart.
Fill your wedge chart
To gauge a distance for each of your swings for each wedge can be difficult without assistance. So why not book a session with us. Let’s complete your wedge chart and at the same time, we can look over your three swings. Maybe there are other improvements.
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Ten shots better

Worthwhile practice that pays back
How easy should a chip shot be? What should you be averaging to hole out from within 10 yards of the green playing a chip shot?
 How many times out of 10, do you take 2 and how many times is it 3 shots? Are you as good as you would be with a putter in hand?
A very common fault we see with less experienced golfers, is an attempt to “flick” at the ball on chip shots. Too much wrist action ends up with too many shots thinned, and certainly very inconsistent contact. If you’re not really in control of this shot, then come and learn the correct technique.
Then practice using some simple aids – as shown here – and set out to gain control over where your ball lands and how much it rolls. Watch Martin Hall show you a neat practice station to perfect your technique.

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The ten-shot assessment
The right technique on just four shorter golf shots, can save most golfers 10 shots and more in a round. For many that’s a single figure handicap. For all, it’s a round full of great saves, and more opportunities. Start with an assessment. Let’s discover how many shots we can improve your game by.
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