Summer days drifting away...

But summer camps building long-term memories
And giving your children a journey to enjoy for life.


The first Rob Noel Golf Academy PGA Junior Camp was held
last week June 18-21.

This beginner camp was a great experience for all.  Students learned basic golf fundamentals, practiced a variety of strokes, participated in a tournament at the end of camp, and played some fun games
throughout the week. 

Thank you to everyone who attended, we all had fun!

Our next camp will be held July 9-12, so don't miss out - register now!

Bringing home results

PGA Jr. League at RNGA

Money Hill GOATS defeated Tchefuncta Aces and Money Hill Pinseekers defeated Beau Chene Mudbugs. Tournament was hosted by Money Hill.

Congratulations to all who participated and well done on your sportsmanship.

Testimonial Tuesday

"Managed to get away for a lesson with Rob. Sometimes you have to swallow some humble pie and get a lesson. He definitely had me pegged throughout the bag. He is my swing guru from here on out." ~ Micky

We want you to experience a better game.

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Starting this Sunday

Get into the swing of things

We are over the green excited about our new “Sunday Swings” program for juniors, which is set to launch this coming Sunday, June 30th from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. So, be sure to circle it in your calendars. For just $175 per month, you can expect a comprehensive 12-week program that will introduce your child to the game of golf. Rest assured, we cover all the fundamental skills, techniques, terminology, rules and proper equipment.

Are you ready to have your child out on the course with you? Contact Michael Howes for more details.


US Kids Club Sets

All set for summer golf?

Summer is in the air. And, I think we can all agree that there is no better time to get your kids excited about golf. So, how about upgrading their club set? To promote fun and game success amongst our junior players, the Rob Noel Golf Academy supplies U.S. Kids golf clubs and accessories that are the proper length and weight for your child.

Looking to kit out your kid with the right set of cubs and accessories? Contact Michael Howes for the best deals. 

Add a drop of water

And what do you get?
A whole lot of fun at RNGA.


Tournaments played

Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour
Stonebridge Golf and Country Club
June 20th

Congratulations to Riley Hnatyshyn on  his 1st place finish and Josh Achord on his 2nd place finish in their age group! Great job!

Other results from our students this week:
  Girls 7-13
T4   Claire Chauvin
7th Abigail Achord

Boys 7-10
T5 Gavin Davis
7th Christian Ward

Boys 11-13
5th Logan Heltz
T11 Luke Ward
17th Ethan Ward
  Boys 14-15
1st Riley Hnatyshyn
2nd Josh  Achord
T4 Gil Ward
8th Taylor Boasberg
T9 Kason Shaw
T11 Preston Giroir
T22  Emerson du Passage

U.S. Kids Gulf Coast Tour
Oak Knoll Country Club
June 23rd

Congratulations to Dylan Dongieux, Josh Achord and Abigail Achord on their 1st place finish in their age groups.

All results:

  Boys 7
1st Dylan Dongieux

Boys 10

2nd Gavin Davis

Girls 8-9
1st Abigail Achord
  Boys 13-14
1st Josh Achord
3rd Phanu Galloway
4th Preston Giroir
8th Cole Haase

Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour
Metairie Country Club
June 24th

Congratulations to our students Griffin Dorr and Dwayne Heron who finished tied for first and Christian Malach who finished 3rd in their division. Congratulations to Sarah Meral for her 1st place finish in her division!

Here are all the results from our students.

  Boys 16-17
T1 Griffin Dorr
T1 Dwayne Heron
T3 Christian Malach
15th Jackson Heap

Boys 18-22
4th CJ Blagrove
8th Brett Baker
T15 JP Preston

  Girls 14-17
1st Sarah Meral
3rd Kayla Starr
5th Samantha Schultz
6th Ari Blagrove
T9  Aubrey Stark
12th Hannah Pitre

Girls 18-22
T2 Kati Albright
7th Kelsey Dill

Stewart Cink Championship
Birmingham, AL
June 20th

Owen Hayden

Great job done by all!

Could you save 5 shots per round?

Setup and practice
That’s right. Get into a better setup (with equipment that allows it). Add more focus to the face angle of your putter at address and at impact; and you’ll sink more putts in the 6 to 12-foot range.
This is a bottom line investment.
That’s right. Your improvement drops immediately to your scorecard. So benchmark your current performance by taking 10x10 foot putts on a perfectly flat lie.

 Then consider at least two of three investments.

1. A putter that fits you, allowing you to get comfortably into the perfect
with assistance to make sure your face angle is square to the target line.

2. An assessment and refresher to help make sure that, along with setup
and posture,your grip and stroke allow the face to return square to target at impact.

3. Practice with aids to help make sure your face angle is as square as possible at address and at impact.
Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will likely take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. Setup and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.
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Enjoy the journey

“Golf is a social game of new people met, and friendships that can surprise you.”
“And journeys are always best shared. You can encourage each other. Celebrate together. And sometimes walk silently together knowing there’s a dream”.
“In fact sometimes the journey is the fulfillment not the end. Just improving and getting better and enjoying friendships is living”. 

Start a journey with friends
It’s time to live. Its time to challenge yourself. Enjoy getting better because better is great. But better together is unbeatable. Enjoy a journey with friends. Let us help you get better together.
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