All-Star Selections

I want to announce this year’s All-Star selections for the Rob Noel PGA Jr League. Each club has to be represented on the team, and Money Hill received five spots for winning the league title. 

This year’s All-Stars are as follows:
Sam Gatti (Tchefuncta)
Logan Heltz (Money Hill)
Collin Shay (Money Hill)
Rase Browne (Money Hill)
Saraya Shank (Beau Chene)
Parker Church (Beau Chene)
Jack Barkemeyer (Beau Chene)
Timothy Wolfe (Tchefuncta)
JD Guerin  (Money Hill)
Claire Chauvin (Money Hill)

These players will be competing against all other leagues from LA and MS on Aug 17-18th at the Country Club of Jackson in Jackson, MS.

We would like to wish all these players the best for this event, and I would like to personally thank all of you for participating in this year’s league as it was a huge success.

Kelly Gibson Junior Golf tour

BC Cup Championship
Oak Harbor GC

Boys 7-10
3rd  Gavin Davis
5th  Christian Ward

Boys 11-13
5th Logan Heltz
7th Phanu Galloway
8th Collin Shay
9th Luke Ward
12th Ethan Ward

Boys 14-15
2nd Gil Ward
6th Joshua Achord
7th Kason Shaw
T8 Preston Giroir
12th Emerson du Passage

Boys 16-17
4th Christian Malach
6th Dwayne Heron
Boys 18-22
8th Philip Pazos

Girls 7-13
2nd  Claire Chauvin
5th Abigail Achord

Girls 14-17
1st Sarah Meral
6th Samantha Schultz
9th Aubrey Stark
Girls 18-22
3rd Blair McKenzie
4th Kati Albright

Congratulations to all our RNGA students - we are extremely proud of you!

Fueled by enthusiasm

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Testimonial Tuesday

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