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Captain's News

Dear members

Wow, what a week it was for us as a club. We had beautiful rain that filled our dams quicker than anyone anticipated, and with some more rain predicted we can all look forward to the sight of penalty areas full of water, and for some (as for me) that inevitable magnet effect that has on a golf ball’s flight.

We also hosted an SGM this week to decide on the way forward for the clubhouse - and in specific the downstairs area and the lockers. A big thank you to all members that took the time to attend. We haven't seen this great attendance to a meeting since being on the committee, and this just shows the commitment of our members for the wellbeing of their club.

Wonderful robust debate was held over the issue, and a vote was passed that we go ahead with the upgrade. For many, none less than Andre Wainwright and Tobie de Jonge, this has been a vision for years that will now be made a reality. Thank you sincerely to all that contributed in the research, and we are all looking forward in anticipation to the completed product - one that will surely cement the Jewel of the North as one of the Cape’s favourite golfing destinations.

There is obviously some serious shuffling to be done, as the builders will start on the 1st of August and need access to most of the downstairs area. The duration of the build is estimated at three months. The lady’s locker room would be accessible, as the builders will “drywall” that access. We will alternate the use of their showers as the need arises and these would be communicated with members as they arrive. The Pro Shop and registration will move upstairs, to the current committee room, so members will be directed here to register their rounds. All F&B services will also move upstairs, so halfway-house would be upstairs for the duration of the build. Alfie and his team will however attempt in weather permitting days to serve a limited food and bar offering downstairs.

The builders obviously also need a building site, and we have allocated the area to the left of the car park on the area not tarred and close to the entrance to the grounds from the left. Therefore, access would only happen to the right, past the putting green.

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused throughout the duration of the build, please be sure that we will try our level best to minimize the impact on our members as well as our visitors. As I have said Tuesday evening, no change ever really comes without sacrifice, but the prospect of our upgraded facility makes me very excited and will be worth the inconvenience. Onwards and Upwards for our Jewel!

And remember:
"Show me a man who is a good loser and I'll show you a man who is playing golf with his boss" - James Murray

Yours in golf,
Regardt Van Rensburg
DGC’s Club Captain


Member's News

 Ladies Society News
WP League July 2019 Results

Congratulations to:

-  The Silver League Team for drawing their match against King David Mowbray at Westlake Golf Club – Well done!
-  The Bronze 5 League Team for drawing their match against Kuilsriver at Clovelly – Well done!
- The Bronze 1 League Team had bye for July.

Good Luck to all the teams for the last three matches and hope to see the Teams in the top 8 for the play-offs that commence on 29 October 2019. 

KWV Mixed

Another fabulous day was held at Durbanville GC with visitors from Bellville, Hermanus, King David Mowbray, Kuils River and Worcester Golf Clubs. Thank you to all the Golfers for their loyal support which makes this special event possible.

A special thank you KWV, to Leana for organising KWV to sponsor the fabulous prizes and to the DBV GC Team and Pro Shop for their assistance in organizing the day.

Congratulations to the winners for the month of July– format was a Betterball: 

  1st – Garbielle Boshoff & Gareth Cornish
2nd – Rosa-Linda Wessels & Gareth Cornish
3rd – Leigh Mitchell & Stanley Louw
4th – Brian & Cheryl Murphy 
5th – Mike & Tracey Glasby

Ladies nearest the Pin on the 12th: Cheryl Murphy
Men’s nearest the Pinon the 17th: Brian Murphy

Please diarise future dates for the KWV Mixed: 18/8; 15/9; 13 or 20/10 [TBC]; 10/11; 8/12.

Upcoming events for August:
6th - Single Stableford
13th - Medal and Putting
18th - KWV Mixed BB
20th - League/ non-League S/S
27th - Birthday Girls

Ladies please remember to book/cancel your games no later than 11h00 on the Monday prior to the relevant competition.


The WP Womens Mid-Amateur Championships was held at Erinvale Golf Club on Sunday 28 July 2019 over 36 holes.  Durbanville was proudly represented by 7 Ladies and came out tops as follows:

Yvette Negrine, winner of the Mid-Amateurs Championship Silver [6.6 – 15.3] Division for Best Net
Michelle Pettym, winner of the Seniors Championship Bronze [15.4 – 24] Division Single Stableford.

Well done ladies – we are so proud of your achievements!

Ladies Classic is almost fully booked, – if you have not yet booked your 4Ball please do so ASAP with Yvette Negrine.

Until next time

Yours in Golf,
Cheryl Murphy
DGC’s Lady Society Captain

Juniors' News and Golf RSA News

    Supported by Pure Motion Golf Academy

  Western Province Teams
Well done to all of the following players for making the Western Province Teams for the upcoming events.

WP Interprovincial Team for 2019:
Played on the 15th - 20th of September at Nelspruit Golf Club.
Ayden Senger
Tyran Snyders

WP 2019 Senior Kestrels Team:
Played on the 9th - 11th of August against Southern Cape at Kingswood Golf Club
Hugo Calitz

WP 2019 Challenge B Side:
Played on the 9th - 11th of August against Southern Cape at Kingswood Golf Club
Sean Cronje
Travis Procter
Louis Loubser Jnr

Thank you to Lana from Pure Motion Golf Academy for all your hard work with the members of the club.

Good luck to all of you for the Tournaments.

U/14 Western Province Boys IPT
Well Done to Liam Marais, Heinrick Haasbroek, and Stephan Van Zyl for being part of the Winning WP Team for the Boys U/14 Interprovincial Tournament held at Worcester GC.

Well done boys and well done Province!

Tshwane Junior Open 2019

Well Played to Ayden Senger for playing incredible golf only to lose out in a playoff. The junior fired scores of 64, 72. He faced off in a play-off against Martin Vorster. Well played Ayden and keep up the great golf.


Boland Ladies Mid-Amateur Championship

Well done to Nina Grey for winning the Boland Ladies Mid-Amateur Championship at Devonvale Golf Club.

She finished off strong to post scores of 78, 76. Well played Nina! We are happy to see all your hard work is paying off. Well done to Rosa-Linda Wessels and Brenda Cronk for also participating in the Championship. We love having ladies represent Durbanville.

Well played to all of you!
See the full results here.

Well played to all the players for a great month of results.

Contact us to book a lesson.

Member Competition News

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the Wednesday and Saturday Members Competitions. There has been some great golf played and we look forward to so many more competitions in the future.
  Click here for July’s competition results.

Golf Rules 2019

With the changes to the Rules of Golf, the club has been required to update the Local Rules and the Conditions of Play. All members are urged to also familiarize themselves with the changes so that they can be taken into consideration for future rounds. Click here for the Conditions of Play and click here for the Local Rules.

It is now 2019 and there are no more days or excuses left for any of us to not know the new rules! Luckily, we have help from Helénè Marais who has so kindly supplied us with the information below!
Click here to see the 20 Must Know Rules of Golf Changes for 2019!
Click here to see Golf Rules Explained.
Click here to see the Oswald Academy Newsletter on Rules of Golf!


Other News

Member Competition Days

Langebaan Reciprocity Challenge:
The Challenge date will be August 17th and the sign-up sheet is on the notice board in the Pro Shop. We hope to see all of your names on it.

Durbanville Golf Club would like to make members and visitors aware that on Member Competition Days, Wednesday PM Field and Saturday AM & PM Field, anyone entering into the competition field has to take part in the competition. It is compulsory.

Any other day members and visitors are welcome to play social golf at our club.

Social golf in New Zealand


Herewith my latest news from New Zealand. Good golfing, and enjoy your weekend.

Please see the link below to read the letters from New Zealand.


Course News

Click here for the July Course Report.

PLEASE NOTE: New penalty area right of 3rd pole

Penalty area between 3rd fairway and 9th hole

The Committee had a look at the area to the right of the 3rd fairway with the view of marking the whole area as a penalty area as allowed now under the new Rules of Golf. Currently, there are many occasions where players, after hitting drives over/into the trees, cannot really ascertain whether their balls are in the sloot or possibly lost.

Now, by marking the whole area (see drawing) as a red penalty area, a player can be virtually certain that his/her ball is inside the area (even if the ball is not found) and can quickly proceed under the relief options offered by Rule 17.1d. Red stakes have been placed in position and a player will be able to see where the edges are and where a lateral penalty drop may be taken.

Remember, a player will have the following options once a ball has entered the penalty area:
If you find the ball within 3 minutes anywhere inside the area: The ball may be played as it lies, loose impediments may be removed (as long as ball is not moved), player may ground the club and even take practice swings (thus same situation as if ball is on the fairway or rough).

However, you may not do the following if your ball is inside a penalty area:
• NO RELIEF FROM ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS (cannot drop for say a mole-hill)

I f you do not find your ball or your found ball cannot be played, you must proceed under penalty of 1 shot by using any one of the relief options described in Rule 17.1d:
• Go play a ball again from previous spot where a stroke was made (stroke and distance)
• Go back on line as far as you want by keeping the spot where the ball last crossed the penalty area and the flagstick in line
• Measure out the 2 club lengths relief area from the spot where ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area (lateral relief) There is no opposite side relief anymore – you can only take lateral relief from the spot, and thus side, where ball last crossed the edge into the penalty area.

The terrain around the penalty area is such that, if you seek your ball and cannot find it outside the penalty area, it will be virtually certain that your ball is inside the penalty area. You can thus proceed quickly with your selected relief procedure.

The full wording of Rule 17 governing a penalty area, is the following:
Rule 17.1d: Relief for a ball that is known or virtually certain to be in a penalty area:
(1) Stroke-and-Distance Relief. The player may play the original ball or another ball from where the previous stroke was made (see Rule 14.6).
(2) Back-On-the-Line Relief. The player may drop the original ball or another ball (see Rule 14.3) in a relief area that is based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the estimated point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area:
Reference Point: A point on the course chosen by the player that is on the reference line and is farther from the hole than the estimated point (with no limit on how far back on the line):
- In choosing this reference point, the player should indicate the point by using an object (such as a tee). 
- If the player drops the ball without having chosen this point, the reference point is treated as being the point on the line that is the same distance from the hole as where the dropped ball first touched the ground.

Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: One club-length, but with these limits:
Limits on Location of Relief Area: 
- Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
- May be in any area of the course except the same penalty area, but
- If more than one area of the course is located within one club-length of the reference point, the ball must come to rest in the relief area in the same area of the course that the ball first touched when dropped in the relief area.

(3) Lateral Relief (Only for Red Penalty Area). When the ball last crossed the edge of a red penalty area, the player may drop the original ball or another ball in this lateral relief area (see Rule 14.3):
Reference Point: The estimated point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the red penalty area.
Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: Two club-lengths, but with these limits:
Limits on Location of Relief Area: 

- Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
- May be in any area of the course except the same penalty area, but
- If more than one area of the course is located within two club-lengths of the reference point, the ball must come to rest in the relief area in the same area of the course that the ball first touched when dropped in the relief area.


We wish a very happy birthday to all those members who celebrated their birthday this month. They are: 

Venessa Cloete, Conrad Day, Murtadah Najaar, Surita Odendaal, Daniel September, Jani Calitz, Mike Johnston, Alan Nelson, Nicky Lerm, Alessandro Polera, Leonie Swart, DJ Vermeulen, Louis Boltmann, Justin De Reuck, Jeffrey Bennet, Charles Bernhardt, Tiaan Schreuder, Bennie Van Der Westhuizen, Pieter Van Wyk, Basie Burger, Gary Gilder, Warren Lake, Gideon Langer, Zenith Mitchell, Brenda Mullins, Ryan Ruffels, Penelope Swanepoel, Jacques Visser, Brian Brodrick, Mona Coetzee, John Hoskins, Jason Smith, Karen Boonzaaier, Marieke Coetzer, Amanda Theart, Carmen-Anne Barker, Reg Ferreira, Charles Kingsley, Caroline Rossouw,  Willem Swart, Tammy Conradie, Neal Esau, Nicolette Gain, Carl Greaves, Leigh Gardiner, Paul Kotze, Johannes Nel, Senette Rolfe, Hendrik Smith, Dawid Steenkamp, Johan Mostert, Theresa Sneyd, Keith Elliott, Jayden Kamffer, Conrad Meier, Marlene Russel, Lindie Steenkamp, Claude Louw, Daniel Badenhorst, Jake Ferreira, Corne Grobbelaar, Jason Van Der Merwe, Paul Brand, Andries Els, Hester Kotze, Philip Niehaus, Michelle Petty, Craig Stokell, Hendrina Visser,  Zukile  Gqada, Rease Human, Shane Austick, Derick Burger, John Coetzer, Braam De Klerk, Henri Du Toit, HErmanus Nieuwoudt, Giovanni Rovero, Anton Bezuidenhout, Tino Ferreira, Sean Phillips, Rohan Visagie, Jeanne Assante, Dennis Batchelor, Jacques Rood, Rohann Van Zyl, Marie Prins, Johannes Van Den Berg, Ray Wainwright, Hein Botha, Margaret Grobler, Mark Little, Aida Schutte, Karen Buttner, Dirk Hanekom, Alistair Ross, Bernard Van Zyl, Fanie Ferreira, Jeffrey King, Jurgen Krober, Ben-oni Le Roux, Luzanne Le Roux, Gary Atkins, Judith Coyles, Anita Oppel, Erhard Blom, Paul De Groot, Evaristo De Nobrega, Conrad Wehmeyer, Tyler Wilkinson, Paul Eek, Liam Marais, Davis Balkwill,  Brian Conrad, Enid Fox, John Mclean, Izak Classens, Sakkie Classens, Ben-Louis Geldenhuys, Christie Kriel, Janco Maritz, Bernice October, Roderick Ross, Stefan Van Wyk, James Kilfoil.

We hope you had a wonderful day!


Welcome to our new members


Jung-Chung Lee, Sook-Ja Oh, Kosie Feyt, Walter John Webb, Gregory Brian Barton, Mervin Clark, Heinrich Visser, Governor Godongwana, Vanetta Louw, Louise Marais, M Mcleod, John Mizen, Jacobus Muller, Teresa Pike, Daniel Pollard, Stacy Robertson, Anelisa Sigedle, N Siljeur, W Siljeur, K Starke, Ermelene Strauss, Henk Marais, Henri Marais. 

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

Global Golf News


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And finally...

...something to make you smile!
Yours in Golf,
The DGC Team

Spin: friend or foe?

This is a bigger deal than many think
A colleague of ours recently picked five golfers at random in his club. Three men and two women of differing ages. He spent 20 minutes with each one and their driver (along with alternative configurations).
Changing the spin rate with the same swing speed has a huge impact on the distance the ball travels. Too much backspin for the ball speed and the ball will have too much lift and balloon. Too little spin and the ball doesn’t have enough lift and dies quickly. (Read The Magnus effect and Bernoulli's principle if you want more physics).
The laws of physics (proven with the data from hundreds of thousands of golf swings) means that those with slower swing speeds generally benefit from a higher launch angle and more spin, than someone with more aggressive swing speeds.
Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make upwards of 40 metres of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Don’t let spin rob you
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It’s time to do something

What is happening to our children?
Right now, we have a younger generation who are expected to LOSE 5 years of expected life because of childhood obesity, poor nutrition and activity, and the rise of type-2 diabetes and coronary disease.  Golf can help reverse this trend.
We need children to become more active. Of course, they need to participate in more than one activity, but golf should be one of the activities. It has everything for a child.
Start your child now
With young children we’re not thinking about creating Tour superstars, we’re trying to introduce them to a past-time that will offer them the chance to live an active and social lifestyle that will make them healthier for their whole life. It’s time to do something.
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