Spring has sprung!

Have you been hibernating until the swallows' return? If your answer is yes, now is the time to grab your clubs and start your season of golf! At EOGA we have been working hard to bring you knowledge from our experts in all golf-related activities, tips and accessories.

Tips Corner

This month, Chalton Steyn, EOGA coach at Killarney, offers some advice when it comes to short putts and how to improve them. Any questions? Contact him.

Briefing from our Bio

Have you found that your body needs time to recover from a long period of exercising? Or maybe it takes longer than it used to to rest after a round of golf? Our biokineticist Luke Wewege has a lot to say about how to recover properly so that you preserve your body from injury.

Here is an extract of his article below.

Recovery strategies

What are they and why do we need them?
We all know how to train and we like to push hard during our workouts. However, we tend to neglect the ‘recovery’ side which is probably the most important aspect of our training. Recovery has been the big ‘buzzword’ in strength and conditioning circles for quite some time, yet continuous research keeps on improving these recovery techniques and practices. In order to maximise performance, an optimal balance between training and recovery must be attained. This will help to dissipate psychological and physiological fatigue, and to ‘peak’ in performance.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a form of exercise-induced muscle damage which is characterised by stiff, painful muscles. It occurs about 24 hours after the bout of exercise and can last several days.

Our bodies function at a homeostatic level. When we exercise, we disrupt this homeostatic equilibrium. Therefore, recovery is needed to bring our bodies back into balance so we can bounce back stronger and recovered; this process, overtime, is called supercompensation. There are many basic techniques which aid this process and should form the foundation of your recovery strategy. Good nutrition, quality sleep and hydration are the most critical of these and if not followed properly, will result in inadequate recovery. I call these first-tier recovery strategies. These are non-negotiable and should form the foundation of your recovery routine. However, I will be exploring some second-tier recovery strategies in this article.

Massage Foam Rolling
Cold Water Immersion (CWI) Compression garments
Active Recovery (AR) Static stretching

Please click here to read the entire article and understand better the various benefits and strategies of recovery.


We are very excited to announce that we have a new coach – our first female coach! Cassidy Williams is joining EOGA and will be coaching in between Erinvale and Steenberg.

Cassidy has a PGA Diploma and is working on her Post Grad while coaching at EOGA. One of Cassidy’s most exciting achievements is playing with President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Presidential Golf Day. Winning a national event comes close second as well as having the opportunity to do a six month golf internship at the Track Meydan Golf Club in Dubai. Cassidy can’t wait to share her experience and knowledge with the golfers of EOGA.

Awards Corner

Etienne Olivier, EOGA founder, was nominated for 3 awards in the Western Cape region of the 2019 PGASA Annual Awards - for the categories: Coach; Grow Golf; and Entrepreneur.

We are so pleased to announce that Etienne won the award for Grow Golf in the Western Cape.

To be eligible for this award, PGA members in good standing of 5+ years must have implemented a successful Player Development program at a golf club / driving range.

The fuel and driving force to EOGA’s growth and success has been a good mixture of solid staff development; keeping up to date with the latest coaching trends and technology; innovative marketing strategies; and most importantly maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We believe in improving the quality of each of our student’s game, but more so ensuring their passion for the game grows! It makes us feel incredibly grateful that EOGA has been recognised for our efforts in growing the game we love, which is where our passion lies!

Bobbi Brown (left), the 2019 Steenberg Ladies Club Champion, shot a 2 over par in the WP Women - A Division finals, securing her the title of WP Club Champion of Champions.

This is a tournament where all the WP club’s champs compete against each other. The winner is then selected to represent WP Golf for 2019. Bobbi will compete in the SA Women’s Inter-Provincial Championship at Riviera on Vaal Country Club between the 24 – 27 September. Outstanding achievement!

Boston Franks (middle) also had great results when he came third at the British Kids Championship last week at Woodhall Spa Golf Club in Lincolnshire. What a great achievement!

Josh Van Der Wath (right), pictured here with his coach Chalton, finished tied for 4th in a 36 hole Junior tournament at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club, and finished 15th in another CGGU Junior tournament at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club.


An hour in the life of a coach…

If you are wondering what a coach does for a whole hour lesson with your junior, here are two cute videos that John (EOGA Erinvale) made using time-lapse. Enjoy!

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