This month was full of novelty, new records, new students, new coaches and new moustaches (only from our in-house bio, only for Movember).

EOGA keeps on growing and loves to see the improvement we make in your golfing journey. Here’s a summary of what has happened and what is coming for you!

Video Corner

This month, Cassidy Williams (EOGA Steenberg) shot a fun video of our golf day at Tullow Oil.

Briefing from our Bio

Core Training for golf

Anyone that knows anything about golf knows how important it is to have strong glutes for your golf swing – we call it the “King of the Swing”. However, just as important as the glutes is the core, which is termed the “Queen of the Swing”. The core holds the swing together and transfers force from the lower body to the upper body. It helps to rotate the torso and stabilize the back – preventing any unnecessary movement that removes force from the swing.

Traditionally, when we think of core training we think of things like crunches, sit-ups, side bends and Russian twists – movements which create motion through our core. In addition to these movements, on the other end of the spectrum, there are also anti-movement core exercises. In fact, research has shown that the natural role of our core is to resist movement and not to create it. Therefore, mastering anti-rotation movements in the core helps to stabilize the hips and spine during movement. This creates a solid base to perform and transfer maximal force from the lower to the upper body efficiently during a golf swing, as well as increasing the body’s resilience to injury.

Practical Tips

With my clients I like to include 3 different types of anti-core exercises into their conditioning routine. These include:

•    Anti-extension exercises (e.g. planking, the Deadbug)


•    Anti-lateral flexion exercise (e.g. Sideplank, Suitcase carry)

These exercises can assist in creating a stronger and more functional core which will help to improve your golf swing and resilience to injury.

Happy training!
Luke Wewege


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What’s more?

Luke is affiliated with Discovery and you can do your Vitality Fitness test with him. Don’t wait until the 30th of December to book your appointment.

Earn up to 7500 points!
Book now!

Luke Wewege


We are so excited to announce the official opening of our EOGA Academy at the Metropolitan Golf Club. Besides the stunning facilities that the club boasts of, our EOGA indoor studio offers state of the art technology and a head teaching professional that oozes passion.

Yusuf Raidhan has played golf at an elite level and has worked with some of the best coaches in the world. He has developed great knowledge of the golf swing and is excited to help shed a few shots off your handicap.
Contact us for more information about how Yusuf can improve your golf.
In the category of new coaches, we are also very excited to add Jean van Niekerk to our team at EOGA Arabella. Jean has been a 2015 Swingfit Elite Athlete at De Zalze and from 2016 until this year was studying in South Carolina, USA whilst playing NCAA  Collegiate golf. Jean’s passion lies in helping people improve in all aspects of golf which including their physical, mental and emotional game. He specialises in on-course work.

We know that between Jean and André, our existing EOGA coach at Arabella, our clients there are in the very best possible hands.

André and Jean have been surfing, cross fitting and coaching together for many years and they are excited to be working closely for your benefit.

Contact Jean for all your coaching needs!

Scholarship Trust

André has started coaching the Scholarship Trust kids at Arabella. Mambesi, Marlon and Damien – the Scholarship Trust kids – are back on the practise ground to help improve their golf. Mambesi is coached by Andre every Friday and the boys are coached every Saturday morning. The boys are also gaining in confidence and are now getting more involved in some club competitions. This is why we love what we do, there is no better feeling than seeing them improve!

Did you know?

EOGA also offers gap tests. Check out this little video and come book your own test with your closest EOGA coach.

Awards Corner

Kim Albertus is the most improved lady member at King David Mowbray for 2019. She started the year with a 24 handicap and now rocks a 12.3 handicap! So exciting! She is the happy winner of the Karen Clinton Cup.


Congratulations to Diana, the Ladies Captain of Steenberg, who scored her personal best score of 77. With hard work comes great results! We are very proud of you Diana!

 Holiday Programmes

Check out some of our holidays programs. There are no reasons for the kids to be bored!

Erinvale Arabella
Steenberg offers 2 camps for these holidays:
The Metropolitan

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