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How many times do you hit the sweet spot with your driver? It’s the longest club in the bag, so that adds to the challenge.
It’s not just the loss of ball speed that reduces your distance on any miss-hit. What really punishes you is the combination of reduced ball speed and the change in the rate of spin on the ball.
Most golfers use their driver between 10 and 15 times during any round. If they get 33% of those out of the sweet spot, then they’re doing really well. What happens to the 66% matters. 

Improve every tee shot
Technology, expertise, and a fitting can be combined to make a difference to every tee shot. How much longer could we make your best tee shot? How much longer could we make your average tee shot?
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Knock it down. Knock it close.

If we asked you to stand 20 yards from this bucket and use an under-arm throw to get a golf ball in the bucket, would you use a lower trajectory (a) or a higher trajectory (b)? 
Almost everyone correctly tackles this challenge by using a lower trajectory.
So why do most amateur golfers try and hit wedge shots as
high as possible?

Knock it close with your wedge
Watch the golf on TV, and you’ll see Professionals hitting wedge shots mostly with a lower trajectory. They create a ton of spin. It makes it much easier for them to control distance. It makes it easier to be accurate. Time to learn a new skill?
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