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How do I put a mixed bag into play?

"I know that every company has multiple options for every skill level and no one makes the best of everything, that’s not what I’m talking about.  Tim and Chris helped me with what to choose for my bag and gave me a few options to consider.  But I would like to play more forgiving clubs in the longer irons and more clubs with feel in the shorter irons.  I could call and ask again, but I decided to send a note instead.  I can’t be the only one to wonder about this." ~

No, it’s a pretty common thing among better or aspiring players to want more forgiving options at the top of the bag, a regular style iron in the middle irons and more of a blade type of design in the short irons.  Occasionally I’d like to dabble in this myself, but then again, I know better and quickly decide against it. An excellent example of this would be one of the sets that were recommended:  Titleist 818 Hybrids, 718-T-MB Utility Irons, the AP3’s in the middle and AP2’s in the short irons before they’re rounded out by Vokey Wedges.  As long as the proper gapping and distances are determined by a good fitting, then there’s no reason that this or a similar bag can’t be constructed.  One thing this will do is to maximize your strengths and help cover your weaknesses, as any fitting should, but a golfer like this doesn’t need as much help through the bag or maybe wants to shape shots in the scoring clubs.  We can help determine this during the fitting and strike quality.  We can even change the type of shaft needed in the clubs to truly dial in what’s necessary to get the required performance.

You were also recommended options from Srixon and PING.  All of those companies will have what you need to make it the best bag you’ve ever had.  It’s all up to you Sir, and we’ll be ready when you are no matter what you choose.  Thanks for coming in!

We love affirmation

We recently had a student come in for his first lesson with us who stated he hadn't hit a draw in 40 years. When he left, he was hitting it consistently right to left. Results are awesome!  It’s always good to see someone leave with a big smile on their face, as this gentleman was.  It means we did our job well. 

Short game improvements

I’ve learned something profound in the short game.  Well, I think it is.  I discovered while playing in Florida that around the greens I was having some serious difficulty picking the ball off the turf on pitch and chip shots.  What I found after a couple of minutes with Tim, was that I was taking off the bounce from my wedge to use the leading edge of my lob wedge. 

Suddenly I was a short game monster, at least for one round.  I began getting up and down from around the greens and even getting out of greenside bunkers.  I started to put the ball within that magic two-foot circle around the pin.  I probably saved myself seven strokes because I was able to take big numbers out of play.  Well, I thought there has to be an easier way to do this, so there is less for me to remember.  Well, there is.  Many companies will make a wedge with less bounce.  But that alone might not address the issue.  We all know that less bounce makes a wedge less forgiving.  But what many companies do is they will make a wedge with a wider sole and that leading edge to ensure that crisper contact is made with that all-important spin to get the ball to stop.  Not every company will make a wider sole wedge, so you need to come in for a fitting to determine what would work best for your abilities.

While there are adept players who can do this with any wedge, many golfers are challenged around the greens and in bunkers.  Remember, as a general rule, more bounce in wedges make them more forgiving, but for shots around the greens, a too much bounce may not be your friend and can lead to some crazy shots.  You know the type where you almost decapitate your best friend.

If you need short game help before the season gets going in earnest, click here to contact us or call 817.595.4653 to schedule a lesson to help get your game as sharp as a wedge’s leading edge.


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