A snapshot of Mark's life in Thailand

Just a quick update on AJS Golf Assistant professional, Mark Hembery who has been stuck in Thailand with his partner for the last 5 weeks.
Currently in Thailand in isolation, this Golf Professional is no longer for the moment and has started new skills such as mosquito swatting, dog walking and fishing for prawns. Starting to wear thin, he can’t wait to get back to normality!
mosquito swatting Fishing for prawns
We can’t wait for his return, but it is very uncertain when he will be back. From all of his reports, he is doing well and missing all of the members of the club as well as his pupils.


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Your weekly golfing tip

Many of us are using this time to work on your game from your back yard. An important question we need to ask is do we involve a pre-shot routine into our practice? Consider your pre-shot routine and you will play better out on the course. Alex give’s us some useful pre-shot routine steps in the video below.
So, why not give it a go and tell us how it went?
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Line it up.
What a feeling.
Dropping putts is a great feeling, especially when your playing partner wasn’t expecting it. But what if you were expecting it, time after time?
“Manufacturers and designers know that when it comes to alignment, your eyes can’t be trusted. That’s why so much effort goes into alignment aids. They want to help you set up accurately and then to make contact perfectly square to your target line.”
The PING Heppler Tomcat 14 not only helps with alignment at setup, it makes it easier to find the sweet spot for consistency.

However, there’s another feature of the design that helps you square the face at impact. This putter fits those with a “slight arc” or “straight-back-and-through” style. Combine alignment aids and a putter head that matches your stroke, and you’re going to experience more elation. 
Experience elation more often
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Keep moving.
Get into better swing positions
Being home doesn’t mean you can’t work on your golf game. Your physical conditioning is just as important as technique and course management. Improving your mobility from home means that when you’re back on the course, you can hit the ground running.
To get into position at the top of your backswing as well as through impact and into your finish, your shoulders have to externally rotate. If your shoulder mobility is limited, you’ll struggle to consistently swing on plane. It also puts a lot of strain on your elbow through impact and over time can lead to “tennis elbow”.
Here are several exercises that can help to improve your shoulder mobility. And all you’ll need to do them is a few square feet of space.
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We’re here to keep you mobile
For more ideas on what you can do to keep your golf game sharp, please
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