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Take the necessary precautions, but don’t get negative…

This too shall pass!

We at St Francis Links are OPEN for business, but with our eyes open, too! We are taking steps to ensure good hygiene, quality controls (as always), and will be monitoring the virus constantly – just not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will follow the advice of the WHO and that of our Health and Safety consultant. We want our staff to be safe as well.

So, if you have travelled here from infected or potentially infected areas in the last 14 days, consider self-quarantine for you and your family. We have installed facilities at our back entrance for washing and have asked that all guests wash properly on arrival. But, I can’t go without a hug forever and it is simply not in my genes to stop living.

Where else would you rather be than in the beautiful village away from the maddening crowds.
Even our fairways are far apart!

I have put together a screening tool, which may be implemented at our entrance gates, per Government regulations, it will also help you and your loved ones on how to identify the Coronavirus and what to do if you believe you may have it. Click the button below to view it.

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Golf course safety
Calling in Your cart is clean

Before the cancellations - Moore had a blast!

Last week, we were delighted to host the annual Moore (*formally Moore Stephens) and their annual company workshop. The good week was capped off with a Master chef-styled cookoff. I was asked to be a judge and Chef Jon led us through the process.

From Chef Jon

“Some would say that cooking is stressful, I would say that cooking under pressure with limited resources in a confined area with 70 other people is even more stressful, but the Moore accounts teams that took part in the Master chef challenge recently with us rose to the challenge.

Even though they were armed with Google to research their 2 dishes with a mystery box of ingredients that would have made Gordon Ramsay scratch his head in confusion, they managed to produce some interesting food, I take my hat off to them all.”

The winners The entire team The judges
Close second The winning presentation Brilliant dessert

Chef’s table

“Hosting a chefs table within the kitchen is always the best way to show any guest what happens on the other side of the wall, the engine room paid special attention to our NSRI winning gusts last Friday and we had a lot of fun, fine dining flowed that night and the kitchen team showed what they can really do”

Make a reservation at the restaurant today and enjoy our amazing menu. Click the button below.

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Competition updates

Els for Autism - reschudeld for 10 July 2020

Club Championships

There has been no change to the Club Champs, which will still take place on the 24th - 26th April 2020.

Upcoming events

Keep up to date with what is happening at the club by clicking the button below.

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Find your truth

The lie that makes a good swing better
Hitting the green from over 120 metres out with solid iron contact is a great feeling. And you could experience it more regularly when your lie angle is correct. It’s also going to make it easier to control where you land on the green.
A stubborn slice could be caused by a lie angle that is too flat for you, rather than a swing issue. By correcting this, you can avoid unnecessary swing adjustments while hitting it straighter and more consistently.
Many brands try and solve the problems they think each golfer might have at different handicap levels by creating off-the-shelf irons with a specific lie angle. But that might not be right for you.



The new third-generation Q-STAR TOUR golf ball is unlike any of its predecessors.
Watch the video >

Build your best game

When you can stand over a three- or four-foot putt knowing it’s going in, you add confidence to your whole game.
There are many small tweaks that can help to calm the stroke. When you’re on the practice green, your main focus should be developing a rhythmic, pendulum motion that’s easy to repeat.
How important is playing better golf to you?
Please let us know >

Every great shot starts (and ends) with a smile!
Santa and the Links Team

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