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The beauty of this great estate

Liezl shared some pictures with me that came from our WhatsApp “Ladies’ Lift Club” group. This group started a few years ago when the Links ladies gather for a weekly coffee catch up, mostly for purposes of seeking and sharing lifts to the airport in PE. But during the past few lockdown weeks, it has evolved into a caring and sharing group of a different kind. These pics, all taken by our ladies, show what St Francis Links has on offer when you just stop and look around. There are too many to even post here. We also love how the ladies with an abundance of fresh herbs, share it via the group (for collection from the side walk) … and everyone enjoys positive messages of hope, family, advice asked and even lately information on a “webworm”.  Google it! 

This Lockdown has become so difficult for so many different reasons. My good friend for nearly 30 years, Sarel Liebenberg, shared this YouTube video with me. Take a look…

This message is beautiful and should be treasured and internalized by all of us. And then lived accordingly.

Hey, I cried when two of my staff sang to me on What’sApp for my birthday on Sunday.

Enjoy the walks, keep your camera ready, ladies, and continue enjoying our great community!

The official press release from John Collier
Coming 5 June

The Range

During lockdown, we had the opportunity to reseed our driving range tee after re-leveling the entire tee surface.

The leveling came about after years and years of fixing divots on the tee, this created a very uneven surface and the time came to take all the sod off, rotovate the soil and level the surface to get it back to a world class standard.

Initially we seeded with kweek seed, but the soil temperatures started dropping very fast and this made for bad germination of this warm season grass seed. We then over-seeded with Rye grass again and the transformation has been great. There will be a lot of the kweek coming through in the coming growing season. We will have it ready for you in no time at all, now we only need permission to play.



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