What could you do...

With a new swing?

This little guy used his swing shaped by Tim and his PING G410 Driver fit by the same and used it to outdrive his opponents in a junior tournament consistently, so graciously depicted in this stolen Facebook picture

Jax was always 20 to 40 yards ahead of his playing partners this weekend.  I know I keep saying it, but if you’re not bringing your junior golfer in for lessons or signing them up for The Golf Station Academy at Grapevine Golf Course, your child will be missing out on a great opportunity to really help them develop a love for the game or spark that competitive
nature in them. 

Call us in the store for more information and sign your junior up soon. 
Space is beginning to fill up!


The lean, mean fitting machine...

Was seen at the Grapevine Golf Course
For two straight days.

We went to Grapevine Golf Course to fit this past weekend. We were completely booked, and it was wonderful.  Equipped with our monster mobile fitting cart, we were able to put together combinations of heads and shafts that other stores could only dream of.  With over 400 driver, fairway, and iron shafts on board, we can take this anywhere and fit anyone into the most current equipment available.  And with our compliment of over 200 heads, we had to use high-level math to count the head and shaft combinations we could fit with it. 

Remember, this is AWAY from the main studio.
You need this experience!

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We still get amazed

We just brought in the newest shafts from Mitsubishi Chemical, and they are simply excellent. 

We don’t say that too often, but they are amazingly consistent.  They’ve been around for a long time, and their reputation has been positive for years.  However, with their renewed focus on broadening their base to fit golfers of all levels and playing styles makes them a substantial addition to what we can do with them.  From driver shafts that can go as light as 29 grams (TWENTY NINE) to shafts than can go to 80 grams at Tour Stiff flex, and the new MMT (Metal Mesh Technology-Individually braided stainless steel strands) graphite iron shafts playing all the way to 125 grams, we can make your new bag dance or liven up your tried and true clubs. 

We’re glad to have them available for fitting or retrofitting, and so will you when you see what they could do for your game!

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Are you ready?

We’re ready to teach, fit, or evaluate virtually anything golf-related with our staff.  Our fitting, fitness, and equipment knowledge of the golf swing and equipment makes us the go-to facility that specializes in The Golfing Machine systematic way to teach the golf swing.

Armed with that knowledge and the staff to carry out our mission, that has earned us our Golf Digest Top 100 Fitters designation.  Whether we’re teaching juniors like Jax or a PGA Touring Professional playing for his livelihood, we’ll make it all work and get you the results YOU want

If you’re ready to see a difference in your game, click here or call us at 817.595.4653.

Get ahead of the game

Tip the scales in your favor
Club designers have made it easier for you to launch the ball high and long by combining lightweight materials in the face and back with heavier ones in the sole. But there’s another weight that also matters to ball flight.
Iron shaft weight affects the total weight of the club, which in turn affects your swing tempo, ball striking consistency, and therefore your launch.
Shaft weights vary from 65 to 130 grams. Do you know which is best for you?
Come find out >

Build your best game

A longer tee shot means a shorter iron into the green, and we can all hit shorter irons more easily.
Most amateurs hit down on the ball with driver, creating what we call a negative ‘angle of attack’. This adds extra spin and reduces distance. To hit it further, what you want is a flatter or positive angle of attack, so you’re ‘hitting up’ on the ball.
Improve your attack >
How important is playing better golf to you?
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Attack the fairway so you can hit the green
Confidence with your driver has powerful ripple down effects for your scorecard.
Ask us about a driver fitting >


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