Did you know that we offer accessories?

One that we are proud to offer is Bushnell Golf.  We are an authorized retailer.  This is the newest rangefinder on the market:  The Tour V5 Shift

It has everything you could want.  Size, speed, and accuracy in a small package.  It’s an updated version of the V4 with a clearer and brighter display and, of course, PinSeeker, which locks on to the flag.  But that’s not all.  With Visual JOLT, which gives you a familiar buzz and now a flashing target, which confirms what you’re looking at.  Like its more expensive counterpart, it has BITE Magnetic Mount, which means you can place this on any metal on the cart, and it will hang there.  In addition, it wouldn’t be a Bushnell if it didn’t have Slope technology to tell you what a target plays to.  It doesn’t give you a number; it provides you THE number so you can choose the right club and swing with confidence. 

Come in and place an order today!


Golf balls can make all the difference to your game

I played nine holes before some torrential rains came last Saturday.  I was hoping that I could social distance golf with a neighbor, but he couldn’t make it, and my son wanted to play another marathon session of Call of Duty with some buddies.  So, I went to play at my local course alone and was paired up with another gentleman who seemed pretty cool.  He had all of the gear.  He had the staff bag, the blades, the super-sharp wedges, and his super bright white Footjoy Icons.  He looked the part.  Of course, I had my (my son’s) irons, my well-worn Puma shoes, and a growing doubt of whether I could just keep up with him and not slow him down.  However, thankfully, we were just happy to be out of the house and had a good time.

After the first hole, I was noticing his ball flight.  He was striking it pure with his irons, but the ball was literally falling out of the sky, like if it hit a wall and just dropped.  I’m no pro, but even I knew that looked really wrong.  I asked a question, “What ball do you use?”  He said he used anything that he could find on sale.  The brand didn’t matter.  While that’s not unusual, he literally used anything. I then asked the obvious question that I knew the answer to:
“Have you ever been fit for a golf ball?”

He mentioned Titleist’s fitting, but he didn’t believe in it.  He said, “A ball can’t have THAT much influence on the game.  I can play anything.”  He parred the second hole, but he was leaving himself a longer approach shot and longer putts.  I watched him play another hole, a par 3, 145 yards.  He hit his iron, and the ball did nothing.  It hit the green, but released and went down a hill off the back.  I asked him to hit another one, but I threw him a yellow ProV1x.  He hit the same shot.  This time, the ball hit the green, checked up and rolled to 10 feet.  The look he gave me was priceless.  He teed up my ball again on the next hole, and he pounded that ball, and it just kept going and going.  He dropped his second shot onto the green to 15 feet with spin.  All I could do was shrug and say that he may have found a real golf ball.  Obviously, I let him keep it, and I hope he went to buy a box of them.

He asked why I was playing a ProV1x, being a higher handicap golfer.  I said you have to see what fits you, your game, and what you need.  Premium golf balls aren’t just for better players, and the guide on the box is merely that.

Regardless of a brand, you need to get fit all the way through your bag.  The ball is only one part of your game, but you use it on every hole.  We can make sure that we can get the right ball to optimize your game.  A ball should improve your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths, whatever they might be.  For example, I need to put the ball as close to the hole as I can get it and stop dead.  You might need the ball to stay in play or maybe somewhere in between.  Contact Tim today to schedule a consultation to help you determine the best ball for your game.  And if you’re lucky, it just might turn into a mini-lesson!


Our Junior Program is picking up steam!

We just picked up a very talented player from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene and several juniors that are competing at high-levels in Texas Junior Golf Tour and American Junior Golf Association events. 

But we don’t just instruct high-level amateurs.  We have students that have picked up golf clubs for the first time.  We still have spots available with Tim to get your junior some individual lessons this summer and have opened up registration for our Fall academy at Grapevine Golf Course. 

Please give us a call at 817.595.4653 for details.  Trust me, if you want to get your junior some quality instruction, now is the time to get on the books.  If a guy who teaches PGA Tour Professionals can get the best out of them, I’d certainly trust them with my junior; and I have.


Education is key

I know it seems like we just want to sell something to you.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  While we’d like to stay in business (thank you, by the way), we believe education is one of the keys to playing this game. 
  • Why does something work for one golfer but doesn’t work for others?
  • Or maybe acknowledging that age and experience could be harming your game, and you need something different to help you regain that lost distance. 
  • Or maybe you’re new to the game and would like some quality instruction and an outstanding bag to learn the right way. 
  • Or maybe your junior is ready to improve and knock those last few strokes off their score for tournament play.
Whatever it is, we’re ready to help you get Golf Station Fit!

Don't miss out!

For those of you who missed our message, we are having another fitting session at Grapevine Golf Course on Friday and Saturday.  Give the store a call to see if there are any spots left.  They fill up fast!

Thank you for reading our little newsletter!  We enjoy bringing it to you!  Please give us a call at 817.595.4653 for more information on our store and what we can do for you!


Building your own approach
If you’re looking to improve your golf experience, and especially your approach shot performance, then let’s spend some time together. We want to build a personal approach for each of our golfers.
“We need to work with each golfer to build their bag so that at each distance they have a club that they can use to consistently hit that distance with an improved level of consistency. How much easier does that make the game?”
If you’d like to read our full analysis of the TaylorMade SIM Iron models and how they deliver a better result then follow our link.
Read more >
A final adjustment to better
What improvements do you want to your iron play and approach shots? Would the TaylorMade SIM Irons help? How can we make sure that you get the right shaft and lie angle to exploit this new design? How does ‘better’ translate to more enjoyment from your game and your time on the course?
Let's find out > 


No more three-putts.
How often do you hit the center?
On putts over 20 feet, regular golfers don’t strike the putter face at a consistent spot. Some strikes will be towards the toe and some will be nearer the heel. Many golfers overestimate how often they middle it. Here’s a quick and easy way to see for yourself.
The impact challenge
Stick a strip of impact tape (duct tape also works) to your putter’s face. Take ten putts from 25 feet. How many of the putts hit the toe or the heel? If it’s more than four, chances are you’re struggling on the greens.
Let us know >
Eliminate three-putts
By assessing your putter shaft length, lie angle and swing arc, we can make it a lot easier for you to center more putts, more often. If you want to be able to consistently get it close from distance, let’s schedule a session on the putting green. In the meantime, we can give you some drills to do at home.
Start a conversation >


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